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False positive 7z.exe (and some privacy concerns)


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The well known program 7-zip was reported as ransomware.

It happened after using it in several .BAT files to extract hundreds of files from tenths of ZIP files.


Attached you will find logs.


By the way, looking at the ARW files  I can see some registry entries and a long list of files like it is a sort of dump of my filesystem (or a list of files scanned my the antiransomware). And such files are now posted in a public forum. Should I have privacy concerns?


Thank you



Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip



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Hello ciarpame:
Based on available data, MBARW Beta5 raised a false positive alert. Please consider entering the following pathname in MBARW GUI Dashboard > Exclusions until this can be resolved.

c:\program files\7-zip\7z.exe

Thank you for participating in the MBARW Beta program and your good feedback.

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However if you think that, you shouldn't be installing Beta software on a PC where there may be Privacy Concerns.


Thank you for your reply but it seems to me that you missed my point.


My concerns are not about the usage of my data by Malwarebytes. My concerns are just about the false positive reporting by sharing (maybe) personal data in a public forum where anybody can grab them.

I could just use the software and not share my false positive findings but, since I would like to contribute to the software improvement, I'm still sharing the data (and raising my point and see if I get some official statement about that).

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