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Outlook freezing problems


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This could be caused by many problems. It could be caused by a virus or a malfunctioning plugin. Were you able to access your e-mail account before using Outlook? When did this start occurring? Can you please provide a few more details.

I was able to access my email until late last night. Now when I start up outlook it starts fine but the minute I try to do any thing it freezes up and becomes nonresponsive. I tried to repair outlook with the Office CD and it said everything is fine. I can access my email from my webmail account but not from outlook.

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Can you try clearing your Prefetch folder located in C:\Windows\Prefetch. Delete all items inside the folder, but not the folder itself.

Download: CCleaner (freeware)


Run the installer, and uncheck the option to install Yahoo toolbar (unless you want Yahoo toolbar).

Once installed, run CCleaner click the Windows [tab]

Select the following:


Next: click Options click the Settings tab

Uncheck: "Only delete files older than 48 hrs.", click Ok

Then click Run Cleaner (bottom right) then Exit

At worst case scenario, you can reset Outlook to default settings, deleting all settings and resetting them.

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When you open Outlook 2000, can you visit the About tab. If yes, can you please check the exact version of the program. If available, please try to get the Service pack as well. It appears that there is Service Pack 3 available for Outlook. Perhaps it can fix the problem.

Available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

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I have tried 4 different dates from 1 day to 1 month prior. Keeps comming back restore incomplete cannot restore to sytem checkpoint try another date.

Thats ok... We will do it in safe mode and follow the directions above.

After you do it in safe mode, Windows will reboot on its on.

Also it will take a little time for safe mode to load, so be patient.

here's a tutorial below in safe mode for XP.


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try running System File Checker.

to do this go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow

Note that there is a space after sfc.

you will be promted for your Windows XP cd.

just click on retry until it finishes.

you might also think about posting a HIJackThis log.

last resort would be to uninstall Outlook from add and remove.

but be sure to make a copy of you emails so you can restore them when you reinstall Outlook.

follow these directions here

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