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Christmas Cracker jokes

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If you missed your Christmas Cracker jokes, or do not want to read them, here are a few ........

What do you call a crate of Ducks ?
A box of quackers ....

What do you call a Penguin in the Sahara Desert ?
Lost ......

How does Jack Frost get to work ?
By-icicle .....

Why did the tomato blush ?
Because it saw the salad dressing ....

There are 2 squashed corpses on the main highway out of the capital city. One is a dead possum, the other is a polition.
What's the difference ?
There are skid marks before the possum .........

As the golfer truged towards the 19th hole, he muttered "That was my worst game ever".
To which his caddy replied, "You mean you have played the game before ?"


Politions are like a bunch of bananas ........
They start off green, quickly turn yellow, and there's not a straight one in the whole bunch.

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