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  1. I`m pretty old and had a different forum name but kept getting hacked. I think I was here before Mark was born.

  2. invisible spacey people between the toes that smell like cabbage patch reapseed minions and they would never use my socks and expect to live.
  3. Women blink nearly twice as much as men. It's called flutter by or bye depending on the mood .
  4. No smart phone, and no smart person here either. Kindle Fire is a android but it is not a phone .
  5. My name starts with a J and a J walker only has 3 months . I also see double and I am married so I get two men for the price of one
  6. Almonds are members of the rose family and are therefore also called 'The queen of the rose family'. Other family members of the almond are the peach and the apricot. Almonds were grown thousands of years ago without having an official name. I worked in a Almond Orchard when I was little. My whole family did
  7. Winston Churchill is not the only one born of a lady's womb, even us blondes know that
  8. I do not have WiFi. my son would be way to far away to connect . I am, hoever, at his home so I can contact help.I will not be at his house 2 hours from now. Thak you
  9. my son does not even live in my town
  10. i do not have wifi at home . Right now I am at my sons home. I know how to creat a connection. I need to know how a neighbor created a connection on my mac :-) ine, that I nerver lend out
  11. mI have kindle fire version 10'5'1_user_5174820
  12. I no longer have WiFi , and haven,t for close to a year. I noticed a connection was lit , went in and picked forget. How is that possible and when it connected again i pressed it and it took me to a guest log in page for Linksys?
  13. how can someone get connected to my kindle when I no loget have WiFi ? Every now and then a connetion lights up as connected and kindle malewarebite never workef so it was rrmoved long ago . tohard to fix eith out my own WiFi

  14. Malwarebytes is having a problem and I would need a download of the new version if I go into add/remove and delete the one I have. My key always wants to give me a bad time . Also for the last four or five weeks I have not been able to get into Safe Mode with F8 , I has never seen that happen before , Also someone in this forum may be following me, I received a email that looked like malewarebytes but when I read it , I knew it was not professional. That person tried to sell blank ATM card that could be used to get cash for free at any ATM and he/she was asking $5,500.00 for the card
  15. If I understand your question, and if a Kindle is considered Mobil, the answer is yes. I use a free version of Malewarebytes in my Kindle. I was having hut problems with it , but looks ok now. I would down, and someone took over my Amazon Account , named Julia. I requested a snail mail report to take to the police , this has gone on for years.s So far Amazon has refused my request. The same was going on in Yahoo mail, I reported it to yahoo years ago, via phone, when they still had a contact number. Also Outlook, I got mail for Arianna . Well I am not her. While I am taking up your time , I wa
  16. Realtime is now working, looks good. I still do not understand what Frontier said about different IP , I do not take the lap top out any place. Only thing possible is neighbors , and I did find one on a Network on my kindle. I pressed the Forget and they were immediately disconnected, I think my router is piggy backed . Job seem done , I hope.
  17. The Malwarebytes on my Kindle is also not always working. I have no real time on my laptop now, but we did have it working. Oh, wanted to ask , was the News about hacked Electircal Grid real ? Seems It used small unaware laptops if it is real. A Dummie like me would be a perfect target and may explain all the different IP problems. Frontie came out but I do not buy what I was told. If it was only me, it would not have affected other users also in our area.
  18. I did those web, We use all . My husband likes Google , I like fox and use Outlook for mail. Malwarebytes still will not stay on Web protection , I have Webroot antivirus , coul
  19. MB has updated , took key , up and running. I still see those tiny dots underneath my Outlook email address and it takes a few trys to get the address to take, but did get in. The only external device is for the mouse, it is a plug and should disable Elan touch pad. , I think the touch pad still works and it shouldn't . Do not know what to do about the jump back type. The cursor jumps back in to the middle of my typing and I have to move slow and watch close or the sentence will not make sense. That may have to do with Frontiers terribly slow connection and incorrect IP problems ..Thank you
  20. I have the original Cleverbridge print out but I do not have a scanner
  21. It is on battery and full , a laptop Toshiba Satellite C655. I did that and ran the download of Malwarebytes and it will not take my Key but does take my ID. I do not know how or where to make it private
  22. It is on battery and full , a laptop Toshiba Satellite C655. I did that and ran the download of Malwarebytes and it will not take my Key but does take my ID
  23. It is on battery and full , a laptop Toshiba Satellite C655
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