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Reimage Repair False Positive Report


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My name is Shahar Sapir and I am the QA department Team Leader at Reimage LTD.


After getting complaints from some of our users about Malwarebytes detecting Reimage as a malware I have checked our installer in VirusTotal.com and found that you do flag us. I then installed your trial version (with the default settings) and confirmed it block Reimage from installing or even downloading.


Reimage is an advanced OS repair tool that fix damaged registry and system files by comparing them to a clean image that matches the user OS, and then replacing all the damaged and missing files/registry. Reimage LTD has been working since 2008 and we have a valid digital signature from Symantec (Verisign). In addition to that, our website is secured with McAfee and TRUSTe, and we have no 3rd party applications with our installation. Reimage has cut all business enterprises with all the toolbar companies it was in relations with back in May 2014. Reimage does NOT offer any toolbar, or any other software, during its installation process.


During the software quick scan, Reimage use the Windows 'Event Viewer' logs in order to report any stability issues. These results are reported during the quick scan. In addition, Reimage uses the Avira antivirus engine to scan for infections. If any infections are found, Reimage will reported it in the results of the quick scan as well. Beside the Avira engine, Reimage also have an in-house database that is maintained constantly by our R&D and QA teams to make sure we have the latest virus database. During the quick scan, we also scan for specific files and folders which repeat in some of the 3rd party software (without using Avira in order to save time and make sure the quick scan is actually quick). If one of these specific files is discovered we report it as malware to the user. During its full scan, Reimage will do a thorough analyze of the computer OS. It will do a deep scan for any virus or malware and remove them if found. On top of that, Reimage will scan for any damage or missing registry and system files and replace them from our repository. This type of repair will not only get rid of any malware from the user’s computer, it will also revert and fix any damage that was caused by the malware (or any other prolong use that damaged the system).


As you can see Reimage is an advanced tool that his sole purpose is to repair computer OS’s. So in no way it can be considered a PUP software. On top of that Reimage does not affiliate, or try to install, with any other software that can be considered as a PUP software


The file in question is attached to the post in a zip file. Password for the zip file is: Reimage


We would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need anything more from us in order to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Shahar Sapir

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