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Premium 2.0 - Scheduled Update - Windows Scheduler

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I am a home user and purchased 1.6 for numerous family memebers.

1.6, just hands down worked. No nonsense, no flalshy popups, no continued nonsensical gui prompts

2.0 is cute, I am sure the engine works better than before (assume, but since business customers are still on 1.6, it makes me wonder).

Previously 1.6 allowed for a simple schedule of updating and leveredged Windows Scheduler.

I had taken the Windows Scheduled task and added numerous triggers to it so as to force update not just based on time, but on things like "trigger on user login". Thus if the system was locked, or hybernated, it would update as soon as a user logged in, not waiting on any schedule of time.


The only way to schedule the update with 2.0 is via the gui, which does not allow for any more than a schedule based on time.


Is there not a way to force an update when the user logs in?'


Setting it for over kill of 1min or 5min only adds network traffic, all be it tiny, but it seems that this is poor planning.


What are my options?



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Your option is to use the business version as you have been using, you mentioned it was 1.6. Business version is at 1.75 now and your business should update to that version.

2.0 is the current consumer version (home users). 2.0 is not available for business customers as of yet.

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