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Show malwarebytes window when automatically scanning

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Forgive me if this is a common question, I did do a bit of searching before posting this topic.


With the older version of malwarebytes, the malwarebytes window would pop up to visually show the user that the program was scanning during a scheduled scan.


Now with the newer version of malwarebytes, I notice that the malwarebytes window does not pop up for a scheduled scan, and runs silently in the background.


Is there any ways to make the malwarebytes scan window pop up when running a scheduled scan? I didn't see the option in any of the settings, but I may have overlooked it and just wanted to double check.

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IIRC, there were more complaints about the scan window showing up (e.g. from gamers, etc) than there were advocates for retaining this behavior.

That is one reason it was removed from v2.


It *did* take a bit of getting used to -- scheduled scans that are clean are now silent.

(This is more akin to how standard antivirus applications work -- silently, in the background.)


So, one does need to check the dashboard > history > application logs from time to time, just to know that scheduled tasks are being completed.

If notifications are enabled, a scan with a DETECTION will generate a notification, of course.


Same sort of thing with scheduled updates -- last night, for example, apparently, there was some sort of brief interruption in the update servers.

Without a manual check for updates or a mouse over the system tray icon or opening the GUI and seeing an old database version or a cold boot of a system that had not been updated in a day or more, it would have been hard to notice the updating interruption. ;)


Having said all that, many of us do look forward to a bit more granular user control over notifications, as has been promised in a future release.



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