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Malwarebytes Pro not automatically updating definitions

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I often log back in to my computer to find Malwarebytes Pro warning me that my databases are out of date.  My program is configured to warn me if the database is more than 24 hours out of date but my computer was on not even 10 hours earlier.  The auto-update settings should have already fixed the problem.


I'm in Windows 7 64 and I'm running Malwarebytes


Manual updating always works but automatic updates will eventually fail again, even if I set the scheduler to check for updates in realtime!  


Attached are screenshots of my scheduled task as well as the most recent log file.  You will note that this only goes through yesterday (June 2nd) even though my computer has been out of standby for several hours today (June 3rd).  


I've also attached the log files that are often requested by Malwarebytes technicians.


Any assistance would be appreciated.






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This report mirrors my own made several days ago - reporting problems with the scheduler not triggering.

As far as I can see the "recover if missed by" option just doesn't work at present.

See my post here - https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=149765#entry836682


I suspect that setting the "recover if missed by" to the same setting as the "recurrence" value may cause additonal problems (scheduler fails to trigger).

Try removing the "recover if missed by" setting (untick the "recover missed tasks" option) and leave recurrence at 1 hour - see if that works.

Would be nice to get some feedback from the developers on this issue.

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The frustrating thing is that Malwarebytes obviously knows it's out of date since a popup window will continually appear until I force an update.  I'll try what you suggest right now.

Make sure any "Detected Threats" are dispositioned on the "Scan" page of the interface. Apparently, it is a feature that the program will not update the database until all threats are dispositioned. It would be nice if this "feature" was documented (I haven't found a reference yet) or a reminder to disposition threats was provided.

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I have provided you with a link to Consumer Support - without seeing logs there is no way to say this is the same problem. There are many different reasons and issues that can prevent any program from running correctly but without logs there is no good way to give you advice on how or what to fix.



Thank you for the input and possible help for others as it's possible that is the issue but in most cases is very unlikely to be the issue. Certainly worth checking on though as that is quick.


Thanks again

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