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Corrupt Database

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Product  :  MBAM Premium   Database  :  2014.5.21.3


All day today I have been getting a popup message on one of my MBAM computers.  The message reads: -


The Malwarebytes database is missing or corrupt.   Would you like to download a new copy?


If I click on "Yes" it sometimes downloads a new copy, sometimes it won't.  The popup box just keeps popping up.


At the same time MBAM tries to run a Scan.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it just goes round in circles....... like it is doing right now.


I have done a full scan of the system with 0 problems detected.


MBAM is telling me that "Your System is Fully Protected".   It is?  With a missing or corrupt database?   Wow !!   That is some technological marvel.... or perhaps not.


Starting to think that I may need to do a fresh install.....  :angry2:




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Clean install - latest verion

Hello and :welcome:

Thank You,
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Hi Firefox


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your assistance to resolve this issue.


However, before I follow your suggestion in 1. above I need to know the following: -


1. I understand that version is a Fully Released version.  Is this correct as I never install Beta software on this system.


2. The "Tool" at the link you provide completely removes MBAM.  The instructions read as follows ".....This tool should only be used if other means of setting up or removing are not working properly....."   I have not tried removing MBAM using the standard uninstall utility supplied with the original software.  Is it really necessary to use this "Tool" ?


3. Is it actually necessary to uninstall MBAM?  Surely the MBAM developers write the code in such a way that the new version can (in most cases) be installed on top of the previous version?  I can understand the necessity for a "clean install" on non-standard configurations or specific systems where the MBAM developers would not be aware of such configurations.  I cannot understand the necessity for a "clean install" on standard Windows systems where MBAM is already installed and has been working satisfactorily for some time.


4. Is the "Corrupt Database" issue a known problem in version  And is updating to a known solution to resolve the issue?


Thanks in advance for your time.



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Your welcome....

1. Yes version is the new fully released version as of right now. (It went out of beta 2 days ago as mentioned HERE)

2. Yes the tool should remove MBAM completely without having to use the standard uninstall steps. The reason I want to use this one is to make sure we get rid of any remnants that may be left behind, and so we can start at a clean slate for MBAM. After running the clean tool please reboot the computer.

3. Yes installing on top of it can be done, but this does not always fix the problem, this is why we want a clean re-install of MBAM. Some folks had problems when they went from v1.x to v2.x. It is up to you if you want to try the standard uninstall steps.

4. Yes version had many issues that were fixed in the new build v2.0.2.1012 including update problems.

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