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  1. I am trying to make an informed decision about whether or not to upgrade to version 3 on W10 with WD as the AV. On the above platform, does the Forum have any information on what percentage of users have had.... 1. No problems 2. Minor problems quickly resolved 3. Major problems resulting in the user having to return to version 2 4. Catastrophic problems resulting is systems having to be rebuilt (Blue screens; Black screens; No screens; Freeze on boot) T.
  2. No, cannot get MBAM to behave itself when logged in with a Standard Account. Would it not be a simpler solution to upgrade to v3.xx....? My problem with that is that based on recent postings on this Forum it would seem as if v3.xx is still very much a "work-in-progress". I don't have an issue with that, all software needs to go through the "teething problems" stage after going live. It is just that I depend on MBAM to keep me safe online (which it has always done), so I am hesitant to install v3.xx and then have to deal with Blue Screens, Black Screens or No Screens. I am really n
  3. Thank you for your advice. As I am a "techy" and have been associated with computers for many years I am curious to know why MBAM, which has been working perfectly since the last major update, suddenly develops such an illogical problem for no apparent reason. You will note from my second Post that the problem is only evident when logged in with a Standard Account (W10). When logged in as an Administrator, MBAM works normally as expected. That is really rather odd. If you know why that might be the case I would be interested to learn something new today. Thanks. T.
  4. The problem persists. For normal use I always login as a Standard User. This means that I have to Exit MBAM and therefore have no protection from MBAM. I would really appreciate it if on of the Malwarebytes staff could reply to my Post and suggest a solution. Thank you. T.
  5. Update to Thread. The problem described above is only relevant when the User is logged in with a Standard User Account. If the User logs-in as an Administrator then MBAM behaves as normally expected. Look forward to receiving some help with this issue. Thanks T.
  6. Product : MBAM Home Premium Version : Database : 2017.1.27.6 For the past several hours mbam.exe has been using around 35% of CPU time without actually doing anything that I can see. I have tried Logout; Restart and Shutdown. Every time I log back in mbam.exe continues taking up around 35% of CPU time. Any thoughts or solutions to stop this behaviour would be appreciated. Thanks. T.
  7. Samuel, your Post #14 is possibly one of the best posts that I have read on this Forum for a very long time.... :) Tks. T.
  8. Running "everything" as Admin is not something that I would do on my personal computers and I most definitely would not recommend that to a client. Running as Admin should be done on a case-by-case basis. My concern - and I have seen this in the real world - is that users logged in with Standard account privileges (which is recommended) are not aware that MBAM is not removing identified threats and there is no message to indicate this. T.
  9. Perhaps my suggestion has been misunderstood. In a Windows environment any program can be "Run as Administrator" providing the User with Standard privileges knows the Admin password - commonly known as UAC. This includes MBAM which can be run with elevated privileges if the User Right-clicks the program Icon and selects "Run as Administrator". Therefore I am not suggesting anything new that does not already exist in both the OS and MBAM. All that I am suggesting is that the "Run as Administrator" option be added to the Taskbar Icon pop-up Menu. UAC will activate and if the User knows t
  10. Aura, thank you for your reply. Assume the following: (NOTE : only applicable to Windows OS) 1. User is logged in with an account with Standard privileges (W8.1 and W10) 2. The User runs a Threat Scan 3. MBAM reports Malware or PUP or other 4. User follows standard procedure and instructs MBAM to quarantine unwanted items 5. MBAM completes the procedure and apparently quarantines the items 6. User now believes system is safe Problem Because the User was logged in with Standard privileges the unwanted items are NOT quarantined. The items will only be quarantined if the User
  11. Suggestion.... Could "Run as Administrator" please be added to the MBAM Taskbar Icon Pop-up Menu - See attached screenshot. T.
  12. Firefox, thanks for your reply and the links. T.
  13. Firefox, thanks for the information. None of the people that I asked were aware of either of the points that you mentioned - including myself. With regards to point #1 in your Post #4.... ".....If you are doing a manual scan in a limited account, it needs to be Ran As Administrator.....". It is not obvious from the Dashboard as to how a User logged in with a Standard Account (W8.1 and W10), can run a Scan with the "Run as Administrator" permissions. I assume that this must be done from elsewhere and not from the Dashboard..? When a User goes through the process as described in my Po
  14. Hello Firefox, thank you for your reply. Careful and repeated testing this morning has shown the following: - 1. If the User is logged-in as a Standard User then the behavior as described in Post #1 applies. 2. If the User is logged-in as an Administrator then the "normal" behavior as indicated in Post #2 applies. The above testing has only been performed on W8.1 machines. When I have an opportunity I will repeat the test on W10 machines. T.
  15. Assume the following: - 1. MBAM Threat Scan detects PUP's on computer. 2. User selects PUP's for removal 3. MBAM quarantines selected PUP's 4. User restarts system to complete the process Following the restart, if the User runs MBAM Threat Scan again, when the Scan reaches Heuristic Analysis all the previously quarantined PUP's will again be identified as a potential problem requiring the User to repeat the removal > restart process. Is the above behavior normal and in accordance with the manner in which MBAM has been designed? If the above is normal behavior it seems to be somewhat
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