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My computer just downloaded the new version of MB 2.0.

#1- Is there only one type of scan? In the previous version I could do a Full Scan or a Quick Scan (and then I would be asked what I wanted to scan: C: D: etc.). Can't I do that with this new version?


#2- If not, what is it scanning (C: D: E; etc)? And is it doing a Full scan or a Quick scan.


#3- Also, in previous version I could set it up to notifiy me of an upgrade. Is there no way to set this up with this new version or are upgrades automatically downloaded?


I just did a scan and it only took what seemed like a few minutes. How do I know if that was a full scan when in the previous version, it would take quite a long time to run a full scan. How do I run a full scan with this new version 2?


Very confusing to us beginners, when we do not see some of our previous settings contained in this new version.

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Hello and Welcome back...

I will try and answer your questions.

1. There are three scan types

The new scan names are a bit confusing to those of us used to the naming scheme in MBAM 1.75, but this should help.

Threat scan ==> quick scan

Custom scan ==> partial or Full scan - depending upon what you choose to scan.

Hyper scan ==> Flash scan (only available for registered PRO users).

2. You should be able to tell what is scanning now since you now know what the scan types are.

3. Program updates happen automatically now when the software checks for updates, it checks for program updates as well and you will be notified as such. They are actually working on the notifications part of the program to give users more control of what notifications one wants to receive.

As for scan times, they will take a little longer with version 2 as more items/folders are being scanned with the new technology. Also if you enable the scan for rootkits (new feature) it will take longer to scan as well.

NOTE: You might also want to try installing the new beta which has corrected some issues found in the previous release.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.2 Public Beta


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Threat scan ==> quick scan
Custom scan ==> partial or Full scan - depending upon what you choose to scan.
Hyper scan ==> Flash scan (only available for registered PRO users).


How (where) do I set the "Custom Scan?"


At this time, I do not like this new version at all. Many previous settings are missing.

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What do you need to set in a Custom Scan? Or are you trying to schedule a Custom Scan?

Below you will find the users Guide.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Users Guide

Version 2.0

You can read the manual below to understand all functions of the new version....



Download PDF


NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here:

Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

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