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  1. Thank you. I reinstalled, but did not see anything relating to Trial Version that I could uncheck. Does the following mean I now have the Free Version of MB on my computer and NOT the Trial Version? AND:
  2. I have the free MB on my Win7 and Vista notebook. The Win7 MB has Automated Scheduling and two categories below it: "Check for Updates" and "Threat Scan." The Vista MB does not have these two boxes to check in the Automated Scheduling. What am I doing wrong? If those two settings are only available in trial edition (on the Win7), how can I delete and just get the free version?
  3. It just seems strange to me that one scan would take 2 hours more than the previous scan when no modifications, etc., have taken place. The computer was turned off after the first scan and not used at all until this second scan was done. That never happened previously with the previous versions of MB that I have always for Custom scans.. Only happened with this new version. Even my AV program ran scan in a shorter time.
  4. Is there some way I can adjust the settings so I can be notified that there is a new version of MB without it automatically updating without my knowledge? I would just like to be notified that there is a new version so I can decide if I want to update at that moment - without an automatic version being downloaded/installed. Any place I can uncheck a box that might be already set for 'automatic' updating the version? In Update Settings I do not understand what the following means: "Check for program updates when checking for database updates." If I check that box will I be (only) No
  5. Thank you but I not sure I understand all of your answer. As I said, I did a Custom scan one week ago and it ended in 1 hour and 17 minutes. Today, one week later, I did another Custom scan with the same computer, with changes made to the computer as it was not used since the last scan. The Custom scan I took today took 2 hours and 57 minutes or 3 hours. I just wanted a simple answer as to why this scan would take almost two hours more than the previous scan, when nothing was changed? I had expected to leave my house to go shopping and thought it would take the same time as it did last week,
  6. I have MB (Free) on my laptop, Last week I did a Custom Scan of C and it took 1 hour and 17 minutes. I haven't used it since then and today when I did a Custom Scan of C it took 2 hours 57 minutes (3 hours). Which is about 2 hours longer since last week with no changes, etc., made to the laptop. Why 2 hours longer?
  7. I'm just trying to find out if anyone else has installed this new version and it is not a BIG change from the previous version that I now have (
  8. I recently updated my MB to Today when I was going to update definitions, I got a pop-up advising me there was another upgrade. What is this upgrade? Is it a big change from, which I am still trying to understand. Or is it a minor change that will not change the one I already have? What are the changes?
  9. quarantine list I have the AVG Free and notice the the items in the Quarantine folder are not in date order. I tried clicking at the top margin of the date column but the dates still remain out-of-order. Is there any way to arrange them in date order, so the latest issue is on top or visa versa, but in date order?Thank you.
  10. So I am okay? Re: Your "Currently we do not list which folder/drive was selected for scanning during custom scans in logs, but we do plan to implement that in a future release. That way you will be able to tell which paths were chosen for scanning of filesystem objects for the scans." I think that would be a good idea to show people which drive was scanned. In my case it would have been helpful if I had seen drive F: and then I would have know that it was the Flash drive that was scanned and the reason for the time of scan being only 5 minutes.
  11. This is so complicated for me to follow. I don't know that much about computers. I did the txt file of Application Log but I don't see how to attach it to this message. I thought there would be a box at the bottom labeled "Attachment," or something similar Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 10/22/2014 Scan Time: 5:58:53 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2014.10.22.08 Rootkit Database: v2014.10.21.01 License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled Self-protection: Disabled OS: Windows 7 Service Pack
  12. I always do a manual scan (I do not need the auto scan). I always check the drive C: and did so in both of the above cases and only on the same (Win7) computer. It mentions different objects scanned and I don't know why it would when I checked only drive C: for the scan. Doesn't the log (as above) show the files scanned? What I'm thinking now is that my grandson ran a Custom scan on the Flash drive that is connected to my Win7 and that is the reason for the 5 minutes scan results in the History. However, when I look in the Application Logs it does not show F: drive (the flash drive) anywhere.
  13. Why does it take 5 minutes to run a custom scan (C:) on my Win 7 and then the next time it takes 1 hour45 minutes? (No rootkits enabled, same settings as previously) http://i58.tinypic.com/rwur5y.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/296myit.jpg
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