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Can't Enable Block Malicious Websites

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Until the staff arrive, I know that website blocking for version 1.x was not supported on XP 64-bit:

Yes Windows XP x64 is not supported for the Web blocker. The underlying API calls required are not available on that OS.


We'll need to wait for staff to confirm whether this is still the case for version 2.0.





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Well, infection is certainly another possible explanation for the inability to enable malicious website blocking.

However, we'll need to wait for one of the staff or qualified experts to review your logs to determine if that might be the case, or whether it's simply the 64-bit version of XP that is the cause.

(I don't expect that MBAM 2.x website blocking is supported on XP 64-bit, either -- this is a function of the OS limitations that cannot be overcome. But staff will correct me if I am wrong about that.)


You are correct that DDS won't run on XP 64-bit, either.

So, if you are concerned about malware, please follow the steps in this topic to run FRST, instead: Diagnostic Logs.

It is a more useful, modern tool than HijackThis. ;)

Then please post back with BOTH of the logs FRST creates.


Then, the staff will review all of the logs you've posted and advise you.


Thanks for your patience,



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Thanks for the answer.


I was thinking that the problem was the version of my windows.


So my computer is clean?


Also i have a little concern about the booting process of my computer.

Every time I boot my computer, it's always stuck after I enter the password. The screen shows only the wallpaper, nothing else shows up on the monitor.

But when i kill the mbam.exe process, the pc finishes the boot up process instantly.


PD. Should I open a new thread or is it okay here?

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  • Root Admin

Well I don't know if your computer is clean or not as that would require further analysis over in the malware removal forum. 


If you're concerned I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.


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