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after purchase, how long for updates?

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Hello and :welcome:

Not sure exactly what your asking....

If you buy Malwarebytes, you can setup automatic updates and scans. Updates are released daily and sometime 10 or more updates a day. I have my setup to update every hour. Also with your purchase you are entitled to a lifetime of program upgrades. It is a lifetime license and can be used on only one computer, although you can transfer it to another computer should you choose to do so.

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Hi, vjackerman:

EDIT: It seems Firefox beat me to it, but we understand your question a wee bit differently. Perhaps one or both us has answered your question? :)

Welcome. :)

If I understand your question correctly, a MBAM PRO CONSUMER license is "lifetime", so a one-time purchase entitles the user to future program updates, as explained here: What is the length of term for the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Consumer License?

So, there is no expiration or renewal needed.

While each consumer license may only be used on ONE computer, it is fully transferable, should you ever need to do so, e.g. if purchasing a new computer.

Corporate licenses for use on business/corporate/educational or other non-home computers have different terms.



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Hello all - I am new here....

If I purchase, how long are the updates (and to get them) valid?



Hi Vince,

To add my two cents to Firefox and Daledoc1, the 1st update after installation will be the longest one, time-wise, as updates are incremental. Instead of having to download a completely updated database each time, the first update will bring you to the current one and depending on how old the database is that came with your copy of MBAMPro, this may take a minute or so. After that, as Firefox said, you can set the number of updates per day from once to "real-time".. Real-time checks the update server every five minutes..

screenhunter08may251502.png ==> screenhunter07may251500.gif

And any update only downloads the newer entries to the database.. In earlier versions of MBAMPro one had to download a complete database with each update which was a real pain as well as time-consuming.. Based on customer/user input (suggestions), Malwarebytes' software engineers listened and developed the current, super-fast, update system.

Realistically, setting it to two hour intervals lessens the load on the Malwarebytes' update server and keeps you within one hour of the latest update.

Enjoy your new product; it is worth EVERY penny. :)



EDIT: Added graphics..

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