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Can't launch MBAM, I think is an attack

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Hello, everybody.

My problem is a little strange, but I'll try to explain what is happening:

I'm using MBAM for a long time, and currently I've my PC protected with an anti-malware, MBAM Pro, and an anti-virus, MSEssentials.

Today, suddenly, MBAM stopped working. Something wrong happened:

-- First, I've got a normal message on the screen indicating that the MB had found a trojan - but the statement suggested that the trojan would be a file of MBAM itself!

-- When I tryed to run MBAM, it says that one specific file was needed to iniciate the program.

-- At the same time, Firefox was mysteriously deleted from the computer - as if it was self-uninstalled, as it happened in the old Mission Impossible serials :-)

-- And the MSE also crashed, with the some indication of a missing file.

So I had to uninstall and reinstall MSE, and the same for the MB. And also I had to reinstall Firefox, of course. At this time, the MSE appears to be working properly. I scanned the PC, and not detected any problem.

But MB, although reinstalled, still does not work. A message appears saying that is not possible to launch the program because the file MSVBVM60.dll does not exist.

I don't know how to solve the problem. And, worse, I do not know where it was originated. Nor why Firefox disappeared and my safety programs, MBAM and MSE, were affected.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you very much.

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It appears that forum Admin AdvancedSetup replied to your other topic >>HERE<<, with a suggestion to have one of our malware experts check your system for you? :)

We can't actually do in-depth diagnostic and repair work in this area of the forum. :(

So, please start by reading this pinned topic >>RIGHT HERE<<.

Please follow as many of the instructions there as you can.

Then, please start a NEW post, with the requested scan logs, if possible, in the malware removal section >>RIGHT HERE<<.

One of the experts will assist you there.



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That's what I wanted to do, but (I think maybe because I'm a bit tired right now) I post the same thing in the same place, instead of going to the malware removal section... Shame on me. :(

I'm truly sorry. You can delete this post, of course. Sorry again.

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