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malwarebytes versus norton 360

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I'm not clear about the functions of anti-malware and anti-virus like norton 360.

Can any one bring out the differences, specifically between malwarebytes and norton 360?

Is malwarebytes better than norton 360?

Can I have both running on the same machine?

Should I have an antivirus like norton 360 on my machine, in addition to malwarebytes?


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Hi, Destiny23: :)

In addition to forum Admin AdvancedSetup's advice, here's a bit more info.... :)

Norton 360 is an anti-virus (AV).

MBAM is an anti-malware (AM).

No, MBAM is not a substitute for an AV.

Rather, it is designed and tested to be run in real-time alongside an AV to provide layered protection against the types of threats the AVs can miss.

Your first line of computer defense (in addition to keeping your OS fully patched and your browsers, plugins (such as Java and Flash Player) updated and your programs updated) should be a robust, up-to-date, real-time AV, such as Norton.

This KB article explains it: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

For more in-depth discussion, please refer to the following posts:




So, yes, you can (and should) run both Norton (or any other good AV) and MBAM.

MBAM, by itself, is NOT sufficient protection.

For optimal system performance, it can help to set the mutual exclusions between Norton and MBAM.

This post explains it: http://forums.malwar...ndpost&p=601237 , as does the FAQ article here: http://forums.malwar...post&pid=215158 (this is written for an older version of Norton 360, but the principles are the same).

However, if you need help with this, just post back and someone will assist you.



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