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  1. [so it brings me back to my original concern, should I download from the malwarebytes free download link which will take me to cnet.com or should I use the link When I use this link here I do not get redirected to a website, just a quick flash and then the box with the download asking if I want to run it. How do I know where this box comes from if it doesn
  2. Thank you very much and to all that have helped. One last bit of concern/question As I said here is how I downloaded malwarebytes went to malwarebytes.org clicked download free version took me to cnet.com showing the malwarebytes program clicked download now internet explorer asked if I wanted to download, I said yes download file download showed mbam-setup.exe coming from software-files.cnet.com ran the program NOW here is wherethere are/were some confusing issues In my internet explorer history, I just show download.cnet.com BUT when I loo at my internet connection logs, I see cnet.com AND these strange ones dw.com.com adlog.com.com So it concerns me if some maliciousness was involved? Or is that the same as when you go to yahoo.com your connection log shows srd.yahoo.com www.yahoo.com pn1.bc.yahoo.com core.insightexpressai.com Just all part of the yahoo page I googled adlog.com.com and found the link below regarding dw.com.com http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6620_102-0.html?threadID=286276 regardig adlog.com.com http://discussions.virtualdr.com/showthread.php?t=158632 so if I'm understanding this all correctly, these .com.com things are part of the cnet.com wep page???
  3. but using cnet.com for downloading the free malwarebytes is ok? Sorry I'm so dense. i know just enought to stir up worry, but not enough to alleviate the fears
  4. thanks all I read some bad things about downloads from cnet.com, but tha may have had to do with other programs people downloaded Mountaintree- is the main reason you don't like cnet.com because the ads? I mean you don't feel that they download virus packaged with legit programs like malwarebytes, do you?
  5. so do ya'll think it is ok that I downoaded malwarebytes by going to the free download button on malwarebytes.org which tok me to cnet.com to run the malwarebytes download? Because that is how I have it installed now. So should I leave it alone? I mean am I safe? I checked the malewarebytes folder on my computer in C:\ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and the mbam.exe is digitally signed as well as a few others (mbamgui.exe mbam.dll to name a few)
  6. bit confused so why does the malwarebytes site send one to cnet.com?
  7. so is that direct link for the free malwarebytes? is it the same as what you get from the cnet site? by the way, why is it that when I go to the free download on here (malwarebytes.org) the download takes me to cnet.com?
  8. well I went ahead and uninstalled the malwarebytes program and then reinstalled. So now I have data base version 3196 Going forward I will try the method of updating running as admin I have 2 accounts on the computer admin account limited user account almost always on as limited user account for safety reasons thanks for your help I do have some concerns about how I downloaded the current malwarebytes program, which I put in another post. If any of you can review that and comment, I'd appreciate it thanks again
  9. I went ahead and removed the current malwarebytes program I had on my computer. So, I went to malwarebytes.org. I clicked the download free version. But then a page opened from cnet.com [url="http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-An
  10. also no infections as far as I know. I use Norton as my realtime protection and I have SpyBot, malwarebytes, and windows defender as on demand scanners. None show any infection, all scans are clean
  11. no error message just runs through the update and gives me the same data base version 2917
  12. I have version 1.41 data base version 2917 with finger prints loaded 141243 It seems that I have the same data base version and finger prints for the last 4 weeks How frequently do the data base versions update?
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