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  1. Amethyst and exile- could it be because I'm using Vista?? And maybe vista is not recognizing the newer version of malewarebytes yet in the drop down option because it just came out?? as I said I can update teh defs and run a quick scan so I don't think its any kind of infection. Why would an infection allow me to run a quick scan but not scan a single specified file?
  2. well I can update and run a quick scan with malwarebytes, I can update and run a quick scan with spybot S&D, and I can update and run a full scan with Norton. All scans come up clean except for the tracking cookies. My norton is working because it shows firewall blocking etc I just can't right click a file or program fiolder and find the drop down for malwarebytes. I see the drop down for my norton, but not malwarebytes Now I use the malwarebytes as an on demand scanner and not real time scanner
  3. quick scan is great because... well its quick. But what is the purpose of a full scan then?
  4. I know Norton detects mbam.exe as suspicious, but it does not bloack it
  5. I use the free version of malwarebytes. When I went to update defs for 1.41 on Friday 11/4/09, the update changed my version to 1.42. Thats great. But I notice that with 1.42 version, I can't select a single specific file and then run a malwarebytes scan on that one file or folder. Example, I go to C:\Program Files\java I right click on the folder and I use to have the option to scan with malewarebytes. But now I don't. I can still do a quick scan, but not a specific folder or file. Is this a chnage that came with the free 1.42 version? I can still update defs, so I know its not some malware stopping it from working
  6. I went to update defs this morning for the free version of malwarebytes I have and it seemed like it updated the product to a new version, not just the def updates. This cool? How is the new version different than the one from a few days ago? New detcion mechanisim?
  7. ok I think I know what happened. I ran malwarebytes as "administrator" , though I always log on as a limited user account. So I think when I run malwarebytes as admin, then go to the malwarebytes.org site from that, it shows my browser/hx/favorites from the admin account Does that make sense? Does that mean most likely there is no infection/control etc at play?
  8. ok here is what happens. If I go to my malwarebytes desktop icon, then open malware bytes from there if I go to the about tab then click on www.malwarebytes.org box it opens up a window using my browser for www.malwarebytes.org If from that window i click favorites it has five folders in favorites HP Links Microsoft MSN Websites Windows Live This is very strange
  9. I was looking in the forums reading posts. When I went to my browser favorites to go to another websites, I somehow wound up on aol.com and I never even put aol.com in my favorites. I looked at the list in the favorites and it was short and just had major items like HP.com Microsoft.com I have run updated Norton, malwarebytes, and spybot scans and nothing comes up negative very strange, any thoughts? I have checked my "network" and it just shows me
  10. the starnge thing is that it was fine up until today, even rebooted 11/21/09 Does it appear as I might be infected? But if I was my guess would be that 1. I could not update and run malwarebytes 2. That the Norton security panel would show unsecure Coul there be a reason why Vista no longer recognizes Norton?
  11. Not sure if this is appropriate to post here, if not let me know
  12. so if there is a rootkit on my system, and it is a known type to malwarebytes, it will detect and delete it?
  13. I use Vista and I think its in C:\AppData\Mlawarebytes But unlike say Norton that has a whole lot of files, I don't see many files.
  14. I'm not really computer or security savvy, but would a firewall inform one of changes to programs? I thought a firewall would inform of entries into or out of a system? By no means am I attempted to be a smart A. I'm just trying to understand and learn by the way, i like this forum. helpful people here. I was clued into malwarebytes by members on the Norton forum who swear by malwarebytes as an adjunct to their Norton product
  15. Now when I'm logged on under the limited user account, which is nearly 100% of the time, I now know I need to run malwarebytes updates as administrator. But to run a quick or full scan ( using the free version of malwarebytes) do I need to do that as admin, or is it "set" to accept running a scan even without admin rights?
  16. Thats good to know, since on my system a full scan takes near an hour I'm puzzled though, why would quick scan sdetect more than a full scan?
  17. mountaintree Thanks for your help. I uninstalled and then downloaded malwarebytes again. Can't update unless I choose to run the updae as admin. So you were right. Thanks
  18. I'm not joking and her is why If you check cnet.com on siteadvisor.com or safeweb.norton.com there are posts that indicate some virus/infection from downlaoding from that site. that is what is confusing me
  19. sorry the last post of mine came out all funky thank you Advance Setup Sorry to make this so difficult. i use Norton as a security product real time. And the users and staff at the Norton Forums swear by malwarebytes as an on demand scanner. that is why i want to download it So to conclude, the appropriate way ( the way malwarebytes is meant to be downloaded) is by clicking the download free version on malwarebytes.org which will then take me to cnet.com to downlaod the malwarebytes program? This should be a safe way to install malwarebytes? And the malwarebytes program that comes via cnet.com should be free and clean of any virus?
  20. so can someone from malwarebytes say ifthis link is approved? Or can someone from malwarebytes say if it is ok and approved to use the cnet.com download? I mean when you click the link for free download from malwarebytes.org you get taken to the cnet.com so wouldn't that mean that malwarebytes approves of that? Its the malwarebytes.org site that redirects you there. I just really want to know the official way that malwarebytes.org wants us to download the free version Again if anyone from malewarebytes can respond, that would be great
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