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  1. So not so much for trying to install malware, but for peopel more stupid than us ( stupider than my wife and I who clicked on it) who might actually try to order from them. That was propbably the intention, eh? Not installing malware, but getting "orders"?
  2. This doesn't really pertain to malwarebytes upfront, but I have DSL set up configured phone line to dsl box to desktop My IP address changes peiodically when I have been off the internet for any period of time. So say currently my IP is (not my real IP) when I reboot my computer, I notice that my firewall shows port blocking allowed This will register in the activity log maybe 5-6 times within a 60 second period during the boot up process Anyone know what this means? and why it happens sometimes? Does it appear to be some type of infection? after boot up I run a scan with Norton, SpyBot and malwarebytes and nothing is detected
  3. We use Norton Antivirus 2008 as our real time protection (all protection defs are updated multiple times a day) We use malwarebytes as an on demand scanner along with spybot S&D. OS is vista with IE7. We use a limited user account, which requires admin pass code to download and install (we even need to use the admin passcode to update malwarebytes defs) My wife received an email from a trusted source. In the email there was a link. She clicked it and it turned out to be a link to an online pharmacy which opened in the browser window. She immediately shut down the window. I do not recall the exact link but it was something like (the fcpages.com part is 100% correct, the first part about 80%) www.elvwain.fcpages.com After we did a scan( with defs updated) with Norton, SpyBot, Windows defender, and Malwarebytes, all coming up clean So my questions: 1. If there was something malicious on this webpage (the online pharmacy) malwarebytes would most likely have detected it, correct? 2. Could this just have been a simple spam redirect? Meaning that there was no malicious infection?
  4. I mean if you can get malwarebytes def updates and run scans as well as do that for several other antivirus/spyware programs (as in my case Norton and spybot as well as malwarebytes) plus get windows security updates, wouldn't ther be a very strong chance (albeit not 100%) that one dioes not have a dangerous infection?
  5. since I did not get any "what did you do dude?" responses, I assume it was ok to delete this?
  6. what are you seeing, I'm not able to see it on your post
  7. I noticed when I ran it from the link you gave, I could not see where it comes from or where it installs to. Now when I clicked the link you gave quick flash came then the box showing mbam-clean.exe from malwarebytes.org I had the option to run, save, or cancel I chose run so 1. where does mbam-clean.exe come from? 2.where did the mbam-clean.exe get placed on my computer? Or did I run it as a direct/online exe? and thus did not store on my computer as it would have had I clicked save rather than run?
  8. for what its worth to anyone, I uninstalled the malwarebytes version 1.42, thne reebooted. then deleted the 3 items I noted at the start of this thread. then rebooted. I then downloaded malwarebytes version 1.42 again. I did not get these three files as far as I know ( not in C:\Windows anyway) So I think these three items may have had to do with the update to version 1.42 when going from version 1.41 Would like to hear an comments or other theories
  9. ok so I opened file is-21L7U.lst with notepad and this is what I see This file was created by the installer for: ; Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ; Location: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam-setup.exe ; List of files to be registered on the next reboot. DO NOT EDIT! [sq]C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\ssubtmr6.dll [sq]C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\vbalsgrid6.ocx so I'm assuming that all three of the items I originally posted about are part of the installation of version 1.42 and since I have noe removed malwarebytes, I can delete these items in C:\Windows
  10. before I delete these files, anyone able to shed light on if they are a part of version 1.42 installation?
  11. I have uninstalled malwarebytes and will reinstall. Can I delete the file that I have noted in this post?
  12. kpgumbo, you use the free malwarebytes or paid full version? I'm using the free version
  13. seems that I may have figured out the answer to this without removing and installing 1.42 again I log on my computer as a limited user account, so.... I right clicked on the desktop icon malwarebytes then ran as admin then went to settings tab there I noticed that "create right click menue to scan files" WAS CHECKED But I unchecked it and then went back through the same process and Checked it Now it seems that I can right click any file and have the option to scan with malwarebytes, even without running as admin ( for scanning the item) So maybe when the update happened, it caused the settings to have to be ok'd by admin me again??? Any of this make sense?
  14. I have noticed the following 3 files in C:\Windows is-21L7U Type of file .exe Description: Setup/uninstall File Version size 680kb No product name or sugnature is-21L7U.lst type of file: LST size: 1kb is-21L7U Type of File: outlook item size:10.2kb I have scanned all o3 of these with Norton and Malwarebytes and they come up clean. I have ran a malwarebytes quick scan, SpyBot scan and a Norton scan and all come up clean Are these files related to the installation of malwarebytes 1.42? It seems the time they are created are created 12/4/09 at 6:29am, which is the same date and time of mbam.exe (version 1.42) after I ran the update So questions: 1. Are these files part of the mbam.exe 1.42 installation? 2. Why would mbam.exe put these files in C:\Windows and not C:\ProgramFiles? 3. Can I delete these since mbam.exe is now installed I have googled these items and ind nothing Anyone else have these since the installation of malwarebytes 1.42?
  15. doesn't it sound kind of fishy? I mean it detects something but will make you pay to get rid of it??
  16. yes I have user account control. But I had that active before the version 1.42 and I was able to do the right click drop down scan on a specific file/folder
  17. anyone with Vista OS running into the problem I noted on this post here? http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=32860
  18. I posted a similar question on yahoo answers and I got 1 response where someone had the same issue. perhaps any users here who have the vista OS can attempt a right click on a file or folder and see if the malwarebytes scan option comes up???
  19. I mean the fact that I can still do a "quick" scan and get defs, that should mean I still have active and secure malwarebytes (free) correct?
  20. Oh and I can get windows security updates and run quick scans with windows defender
  21. with version 1.41 I was able to do the right click scan on a file or folder. Now I downloaded 1.41 from Cnet but the 1.42 came as an update from malwarebytes.org when I went to up date defs. So that is why part of me is wonderuing if I just have to uninsatll 1.42 and then download it from Cnet?
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