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  1. Cool. thanks all. Now I do notice that sometimes on boot up, my firewall activity will show something like this ( the IP address is made up) firewall allows (3) then the IP address my ISP gives me will be the same except for the last part example my made up IP address so the address is the same except the last 3 digits. I knwo IP addresses ending in .255 are the "broadcast" message from the ISP and that they go to all the IPs in the range So do I get that because my ISP is searching for an IP that is available?
  2. Just an additional note. i have just 1 home PC, so I do not have a "network" at home, no other PCs or laptops, justy my 1 single computer
  3. I use Vista Home premium 32 bit with up to date service pack. Norton is my real time protection. All updates for Norton, windows, malwarebytes, and Spybot are current I use Malwarebytes,SpyBot, and Windows defender as on demand scanners I use an HP desk Top and am on DSL so when my computer is on, it is always internet connected. I notice from time to time that when I boot up my PC, during the boot up process there is a little yellow triangle with a black ! in the middle. It is the icon in the bottom tray on the right hand side by the date and time. It is the icon that shows internet connection. The ! will change to a world/globe. The yellow triangle ! doesn
  4. I just ran an update for defs. Got the update to version 1.43 Do I have to reboot? Or can I just run a scan without rebooting? Using the free on demand scanner
  5. I understand that my Ip changes and gets a new IP assigned by my ISP Ok but here is where I'm stuck, it doesn't change my IP when the Ip ending in 255 comes through the port. that is what I'm really trying to find out, what is this IP ending in 255 and why does it come into my computer?.
  6. maybe I can clarify a little bit (Again all the IP addresses I use in this example are fake, just to illustrate) lets say my IP address assigned by my ISP is So I reboot on a Friday or Saturday. My IP stays the same because I just rebooted. But then on reboot I notice in teh firwall log that an IP address similar to mine (above) but ending in 255 rather than 67, shows up being allowed during boot up But my IP still stays, there is just another similar one coming through my firewall Now lets say I have IP address, then on a Wednesday I shut off my computer for several hours. the upon start up I get a new IP address because I have not used mine for over sevral hours. So my new IP address is now now during this start up time, I get NO showing up in my firewall log. But then I reboot on a saturday and I get the in the firewall log so the question really is does the IP address ending in .255 is it coming from my ISP and does it have a reason why it happens on Friday and Saturday as opposed to Monday or Tuesday? Is it something to do with my ISP?
  7. I know 192.168 has to do with teh DSL box, but as I say the IP addressending in 255 is similar to my IP address assigned by my ISP
  8. No it does not start with 192.168 as I say if my assigned IP address by my ISP is Example, would I see an ip address being allowed through my port, mostly at boot up (though it might show sometimes 1 or 2 times within the next 12 hours)
  9. sorry noknojon, maybe I'm loopy with holidya excitement, but not understanding what you mean? also are others getting the same hit?
  10. sorry for the double post. Don't know how to delete the first one after I tried to correct my spelling error
  11. marktreg- you said "A 'broadcast address' allows information to be received by all the devices on a network instead of just one" Now I only have 1 computer so what, in this instance is meant by "all the devices on a network " ? all the computers assigned an address in that IP range by my ISP?
  12. marktreg- you said "A 'broadcast address' allows information to be received by all the devices on a network instead of just one" Now I only have 1 computer so what, in this instance is meant by "all the devices on a network " ? all the computers assigne an address in that IP range by my ISP?
  13. GT500- its another example. Would think it not prudent to give my real IP address
  14. If my computer notes that the firewall has detected and blocked a portscan aginst my computer by some malicious IP, should I then change my IP so as to "throw them(the malicious invader) off the trail"? I have a DSL connection so if I log off 15 minutes or longer, ehen I reboot I get a new IP address. Also, is the portscan agains my computer? Or my assigned IP address?
  15. I have noticed in my firewall log over the last few days, taht my firewall has detected attempted intrusion via portscan by the IP address It looks like that has been out there for the last year. But I have just started noticing that in my logs this past weekend. Just seeing if others have too?
  16. Thanks all. The specific IP address that I note here is not my real IP address. So I'm not concerned as to where it comes from. I am using it illustrate my question about why would an IP address similar to mine, but ending in .255 be coming through my firewall at port 3? Then I noticed this happens more on Friday and Saturday . So again, just wondering why if my IP Address were would I see an ip address coming into my system
  17. Indeed. And I have Norton as my realtime protection. I use the malwarebytes as an on demand scanner, running a quick scan 3-5 times a week So are bots and rootkits considered malware or a virus/worm?
  18. Now interestingly, I had turned off my computer for 3-4 hours. When I rebooted, I received a new IP address (again not my real IP) But this time there were no entries that indicated my firewall allowed similar IP address with 255 ending example- (3) So as I noted before, it seems to happen on Friday's and Saturdays and only when I may have had the IP address for less than 24 hours So this additional information lend support that the IP addresses coming through teh firewall with teh .255 ending ARE NOT anything to be concerned about?
  19. Kimsland, I take it from your reply that malwarebytes (the free version) does detect bots and rootkits when one does a quick scan? (sorry a little dense here)
  20. I'm talking about the on demand free product that you can run on demand scans with
  21. Actually, it was my wife that clicked on it. She said she didn't she said it was a pop up. But her email was open and I clicked the email in question and the link was in tha email. Plus the webpage in question ( the online pharmacy) was in the IE7 browser history Plus like an idiot, I clicked on the link in the browser histiory 1.So if it was in the browser history the page must have been clicked on initially, right?? 2. So my clicking it from broswer history did not do anything more than was already done, right? 3. But since all scans come up clean, the probability that this was just a spam link is pretty high and a virus type of infection pretty low, right?
  22. GT500 what do you mean when you say: It's more likely that it's the DNS server from your ISP, and your computer is syncing it's table of which domains names map to which IP addresses
  23. Oh the ip address I used here is not actually mine, I think it is for symantec or microsoft. i wasing going to post my IP here. I just used this as an example.
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