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  1. Found the same problem on my computer. I can run in developer mode if necessary.
  2. I had a minor scare today. I think I figured it out, but I wanted to run it past people who know more than I do about these things. I used my computer early this afternoon. While it was on I noticed that Windows had updates waiting. When I was done I ran the updates and left the room with the computer on. While I was gone the updates loaded AND THEN MBAM ran its scheduled quick scan. When I got back to the room MBAM was reporting that a registry key was a trojan. Then I saw the Yellow Shield reminding me to restart the computer for the updates to take effect. I closed out MBAM without attem
  3. Thanks, all. This was apparently a false positive that has already been picked up. I ran an MBAM Quick Scan in developer's mode this morning and it no longer picked up the file. So I opened the WINDOWS folder, selected Imgtask.exe, and scanned just that file -- MBAM now shows it as clean.
  4. Thanks! Posting it now. (BTW, I was mistaken -- it was a Quick Scan.) EDIT: Nope. Somehow I lost the logfile. I removed the item from quarantine right after MBAM ran and there was no log file. I'll run it again later today and quarantine the file, then get the logfile, and THEN remove the file from quarantine so I can ZIP it for you folks. I should be able to do that this afternoon. Thanks for bearing with me.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. This is probably a dumb question, but should I "unquarantine" the suspect file before running MBAM in Developer Mode?
  6. I update MBAM automatically and run a daily Flash Scan. All scans through yesterday have been clean, going back years. I had a major virus attack in 2005, but I "armored up" and have not had a questionable file on my system since. I'm running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, with Avast 7, MBAM Pro, ZoneAlarm Free firewall, and I use Secunia to check for outdated programs on a weekly basis, etc., etc. In tonight's Flash Scan MBAM Pro flagged C:\WINDOWS\Imgtask.exe as a Trojan.FakeAlert. I checked the WINDOWS directory before I quarantined it -- the file was dated 2006. I learned from an inte
  7. Update: I had a chance to try running a Quick scan again. This time the program appeared to run correctly and Windows didn't crash. I'm still concerned, though. I haven't had a crash like this in more than a year.
  8. My computer is an IBM ThinkCentre running Windows XP SP3. When I booted up this evening I got a window advising me a new version of MBAM was available. I downloaded ver. normally and rebooted. I have a scheduled quick scan at 10:05, so at 10:00 I closed all applications (just Firefox and Winamp) so the scan could run on its own. About 5 minutes into the scan the computer shut down and rebooted. When it came up there was an error window from "Doctor Watson" that Windows had experienced a major error and had to reboot. I opted to report the error to Microsoft and my browser opene
  9. ... And I may have posted too soon. Just powered up the computer and got the same error message from MBAM -- it's not running. Any ideas?
  10. I periodically open Avast and have it check for updates -- and I just did again. It still insists I have the latest version. I'll follow this up on the Avast boards.
  11. Sorry for the delay -- I was out scouting colleges with my daughter. Meanwhile, I can add some info: First, I was looking in the wrong place for the Event Log. I was looking in the MBAM folder where scans and updates are logged. Still, when I went through the Control Panel I couldn't find any MBAM logs or references. I found Avast logs, System logs, etc., but nothing that looked like MBAM. Second, it seems to be working now. Shortly after posting this I ran a Secunia PSI scan. It found my Microsoft .NET Framework packages were out of date. I updated them tonight, rebooted for the updates
  12. I have the paid, real-time scanning MBAM. For the past few months I have had was was an intermittent problem: every so often when I turn the computer on I get an alerty in a small window that says: MBAMservice terminated unexpectedly: see event log for details. I have checked (what I believe is) the appropriate directory, but never find a log. The past few days it has happened every time I start up the PC. I have become very, very experienced in running mbam-clean, rebooting, and re-installing MBAM. I keep my serial number an key in a handy text file so I can copy and paste them in and get
  13. Thanks, daledoc1! That did it. Everything restarted normally, quick scan showed "clean." Still no idea what happened -- it updated several times yesterday without any hint of trouble. Only one "odd" side effect: I'm running Firefox with a "Cookie Whitelist" as part of my (overly paranoid) security measures, and after reinstalling I couldn't log-in to this forum. I assume that the "clean-up" procedure must have removed my setting -- once I allowed cookies from this site (again) I could log in. Just for future reference, do you know where the logs are stored so I can read them if the program
  14. Just to clarify, when the computer locked up I restarted by holding the power switch for ~6 seconds to restart. I did that twice (I'm a slow learner). If I DON'T try to start MBAM by clicking on the icon, like I finally did, the computer works. But I'm flying without MBAM, of course.
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