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  1. I have been trying to contact support in various ways with no success all morning. All I need is a simple answer to a simple question. I have a hard time believing that Malwarebytes support is not monitoring email and forums in real time after creating an issue of this magnitude, even though it is a Sunday. Please, I would like to get my clients up and running prior to the beginning of the workday Monday, and I don't seem to have a concrete way of telling which endpoints are affected, or perhaps simply offline for other reasons.
  2. I need to verify clients have been updated? Where in the cloud console can I see the current database version? I cannot locate that for the life of me.
  3. I cannot find a way to see what the database update version is for any given endpoint in the cloud console. Please advise ASAP! Thanks,
  4. @djacobson Not sure which version was there previously since it was uninstalled.
  5. @djacobson Are you referring to the original installer used? I'm not sure I recall in this instance, but I can try to find out.
  6. I know others have reported this on the Windows 10 platform only, but I have several Windows 7 machines showing the same behavior.
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