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  1. Any word on a resolution for this? I really need to onboard several machines to their proper groups.
  2. Dyllon, Security and Maintenance just shows "Malwarebytes is turned on." Could this be caused by having the real-time protection delayed 15 seconds? It's only happening on boot, and not again until subsequent boots; but not all boots and not all systems (I've never seen it). I am thinking Windows is tripping on the DB version (or last update date) before MBCloudEA has a chance to run the update on startup. I'd like to be able to prove this as telling my users "just ignore it" is not an enviable proposition.
  3. Seemingly corresponding with the April product update, several of my Windows 10 endpoints are now displaying a pop-up every reboot stating that Windows Defender has been turned off and is not monitoring the system. I have confirmed that the Malwarebytes Agent is up to date and the endpoints are running the latest database version. Anyone else seeing this? What can be done to rid my endpoints of this nuisance?
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