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  1. For what it's worth, it's a little unfair to be comparing malwarebytes to other software developers who can release updates and patch whenever they feel like it. I assume MB's purpose for most is to compensate for that and actually try to deal with those zero days as quickly as possible.
  2. Second that, AFAIK, or assume, MB is one of the last security companies that isn't laughing their way to the bank. I've always felt relieved with it running in the background and I'd much prefer to know that they're able to operate at 100% or even put the money towards development, then get a few months free.
  3. Everything good here ram wise. Is anyone have issues with their lastpass extension on chrome? I'm still getting unable to connect to server.
  4. I have the same thing happening. Is it bring your computer to a crawl? Malwarebytes is taxing my computer in Taskmanager. This is happening on two computers on my network. I thought I had been attacked by something. But I'm crossing my fingers it was just a corrupted update from Malwarebytes.
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