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  1. Is there any update on when this will be fixed. Got back from working at a different location and am surprised that after 10 hours this is still an issue.
  2. Exile, thank you - I updated the program and checked the exclusions in NOD. I noticed that the files & path I had in there from before are slightly different to the listing of files in your link. E.g it shows this as c:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes"Anti-Malware\mbam.exe as opposed to C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe . Was the program originally 32 bit and is now 64 bit? Can I just copy/paste all the file locations listed in the link above to replace the ones I must have carried over from an earlier installation?
  3. Just wondering if anyone else is noticing slow loading of https pages - usually banking sites. While normal surfing is ok, I noticed that for those sites that are https and require logins, it takes longer to do the usual secure connection and then resolving the dns. Often the twirly circle goes on for 20-30 seconds before moving to the relevant page. At the moment I am still using MWbytes Premium V 3.3.1 on 7.64/bit. Also wonder if there is any new known issue with combining this with NOD V 11 though I have used both together for years.
  4. Ron, just noticed that there is a thread already over at windows secrets forum - so hopefully this will be worked out https://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread.php/191961-Malwarebytes-labels-Pentontech-as-malicious
  5. Ron, not sure about the bankruptcy and how this relates to the case. I have subscribed to the newsletter and this has been coming through normally. I also have not had any spam, so have no intention of asking them not to send me the email I received. The issue was only that for the first time today clicking on the link that was meant to open the newsletter online I am getting the MB alert. I will see if someone on the window secrets forum can shed any light on this.
  6. Ron, sorry but I think you misunderstood. The link works fine for me too and does not cause any action by MB. I am getting the alert when trying to click on a link inside my email that goes to the article to be read online as opposed to within the email program. The actual offending link within the email is http://app.info.pentontech.com/e/er?s=1885539667&lid=28679&elqTrackId=ee03574368d6457c8af5c950de4367cc&elq=b4cc6c40b9a6461fbece23b312a549c8&elqaid=5797&elqat=1&utm_rid=CPNET000001627792&utm_campaign=5797&utm_medium=email&elq2=b4cc6c40b9a6461fbece23b312a5
  7. I have been receiving a newsletter from Windows Secrets for many years and usually prefer to read the letter online. Clicking the link in the letter causes MB to kick in with information that the domain aap.info.pentontech.com under IP address on port 54170 has been blocked. While I can find some reference via google on spam from pentontech, using virustotal on the actual ip address comes up as clean. Accessing the relevant information via their forum/archived newsletters https://windowssecrets.com/newsletter/ask-winobs-how-much-privacy-control-do-i-have-in-cortana/ do
  8. already tried that but no difference - do I need to reboot?
  9. Aura, thanks for that - yes, that's the post I seem to remember. I have now found the file but despite having full adminstrator access it resists all attempts to get deleted.
  10. I think I saw a post regarding this before but now I am unable to find it. I am still running Version on Win 7/64 and at the moment I am not ready to update yet to V.3. I used to have the program configured to check for program updates and I suppose during one of these checks MWB downloaded the new version already and now keeps asking me to install. Is there any option to stop this? I have unchecked the tick box to check for program updates but as I apparently are ready to install, this won't make any difference. I can click "later" each time but this is getting annoying. Is
  11. I have been using jungle disk for ages to do backup to Amazon servers and noticed an alert that malwarebytes blocked this connection tonight. Log shows: Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, s3.amazonaws.com I believe this is a FP - any comments?
  12. 1PW, here is the original log file. Hope that helps. Cheers Tom caphlog.txt
  13. 1PW -on 16 March I started a thread titled PUP.Optional.ProCleanerSoftware Caphyon as I was alerted by mbam to a registry key. This was showns as PUP and while I understood that a PUP may be harmless, I was still curious to find out where it came from. The information I gleaned from Google referred to some installer software and some cleaning software. The cleaning software did not mean anything to me and since I had not installed any new program recently, I found it strange. Subsequent to my posting thre were 18 or so responses, some relating to gamer software. I am not a gamer and ot
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