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  1. Not ready to update - stop asking

    Aura, thanks for your patience - this did it.
  2. Not ready to update - stop asking

    already tried that but no difference - do I need to reboot?
  3. Not ready to update - stop asking

    Aura, thanks for that - yes, that's the post I seem to remember. I have now found the file but despite having full adminstrator access it resists all attempts to get deleted.
  4. I think I saw a post regarding this before but now I am unable to find it. I am still running Version on Win 7/64 and at the moment I am not ready to update yet to V.3. I used to have the program configured to check for program updates and I suppose during one of these checks MWB downloaded the new version already and now keeps asking me to install. Is there any option to stop this? I have unchecked the tick box to check for program updates but as I apparently are ready to install, this won't make any difference. I can click "later" each time but this is getting annoying. Is there no way to make MWB remember my choice so that I can come back when I am ready to update?
  5. amazon storage

    I have been using jungle disk for ages to do backup to Amazon servers and noticed an alert that malwarebytes blocked this connection tonight. Log shows: Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, I believe this is a FP - any comments?
  6. pupoptionalprocleanersoftware-caphyon

    1PW, here is the original log file. Hope that helps. Cheers Tom caphlog.txt
  7. pupoptionalprocleanersoftware-caphyon

    1PW -on 16 March I started a thread titled PUP.Optional.ProCleanerSoftware Caphyon as I was alerted by mbam to a registry key. This was showns as PUP and while I understood that a PUP may be harmless, I was still curious to find out where it came from. The information I gleaned from Google referred to some installer software and some cleaning software. The cleaning software did not mean anything to me and since I had not installed any new program recently, I found it strange. Subsequent to my posting thre were 18 or so responses, some relating to gamer software. I am not a gamer and other also confirmed having received the alert despite not using any gaming programs. When I logged on the next day I was surprised that my thread with all answers had just vanished and even now I cannot find any record despite still having the email alerts about responses. KenW suggested the thread might have dropped off the system due to a forum upgrade? Anyway, having done a new scan late yesterday, my pc comes up as clean and the previous offending registry key is no longer shown as offending despite still being on my pc. So I assume a definitions update may have solved the issue though I am only guessing here.
  8. pupoptionalprocleanersoftware-caphyon

    Ken, I am not a regular here, so would not notice this change, just come here if I need to check something. I am baffled though that my whole thread with all responses has gone. Before going to bed there were quite a few people who had the same alert, not knowing what had caused it. I think it was leading to a possible false detection but now that the thread is gone, I am not sure anymore.
  9. What happened to my query from yesterday? I started to get replies and now the topic is gone and the link leads to nowhere? Looking via my profile to find my own thread, it's no longer there? Any reason for that?
  10. Hijack.Host-false positive

    After the update , the scan is back to clean. Thanks for your quick work.
  11. Hijack.Host-false positive

    Running V 2016.01.22.09 on Win 7 using Hostsman and MVPS Hosts and having the same issues ongoing. Log file and Hostfile attached. MwB.txt