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  1. It worked!! Everything's fine now. Now I remember having to do this in the past whenever there's been a major software update. The files to be excluded change and I have to update them. I've run those diagnostic programs before too. It would be helpful if they provided a list of new list of exclusions when they change so we could automatically go update them in our antivirus software. I think the other problem is fixed too. I just ran the scan again and it didn't find the PUPS. Thanks so much for your help!! You're the best!
  2. Since yesterday web protection won't turn on. Every few seconds I get a pop up that real time protection is off and needs to be fixed, but I can't get web protection to turn on. I see this was a problem with an old version 3.06. I'm running, which should be the latest. I tried the two suggestions anyhow about turning on enable self-protection module early start and then rebooting, which didn't fix it. I tried turning off enable self-protection module and early start and then rebooting, with no improvement. It's really annoying to have that pop up coming up instantly. Between this and Chrome shutting down every time the scan runs and finds the same PUPS and quarantining them, I'm really frustrated with this latest version. I'd love to roll it back. Anyone have a fix for either problem
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