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  1. I am inquiring about Malwarebytes real time protection. I had another third party antivirus software on my MAC. The antivirus had an update which partially caused a Kernal Panic. I had to have my MAC wiped clean and then have a fresh reinstall of Mojave. The third party antivirus apparently clashed with the already built-in malware and antivirus in the OS. I have been reading and told due to the already built-in security, third party security can cause conflicts in the OS. Apple Technicians highly recommend Malwarebytes and told me using the free version and running an occasional scan will suffice. I am curious about if real time protection is really necessary and how this would be different from any other third party antivirus.
  2. At intermittent intervals, I get a message that the Real Time Protection has been turned off. This lasts for probable under 1 second and after the message shuts down and I check the application, everything shows as enabled. I contacted on line chat and they put the start up of the program as delayed. This did not solve the issue. I then sent a support request, and 3 days later, not even an acknowledgment that the ticket was submitted. My version of Windows is Windows 10 Pro and it is fully updated. Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm concerned that the machine could be infected during that short time that the real time protection has been disabled.
  3. I have this same problem (also win 10 pro). Got frustrated, wiped all drives clean and reinstalled Windows. Guess what? Problem still exists! ?
  4. Hello Malwarebytes Gods and Goddesses, I recently got a new Clevo manufactured gaming PC and just slapped on Malwarebytes to add to my malware fighting arsenal. Upon installation completion, I entered in my license key, and noticed that all of my other RTP modules were enabled except "Exploit protection". It continues to remain greyed out, and does not allow me to enable it no matter what I do or have tried... I have done a regular uninstall in "add or remove programs". Reinstalled, issue persisted, so I used the MBT clean option to do a thorough clean and the issue still persists. I continued by exiting the MBAM app and confirming with 'yes' in UAC, and ran the following command as administrator exactly as "SC Delete MBAMWebProtection". Administrator Command Prompt responded with "The specified service does not exist as an installed service". Any other ideas? I have attached my mbst grab results and mbst clean results log files in the body of this forum message. Thank you ahead of time for your response. mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.txt
  5. I was prompted that my free version malwarebytes was out of date, and the newest premium trial version was installed when I updated. Fine, will try it out for 14 days. But I cannot get internet connection w/o disabling real-time protection. How to remedy?
  6. I was having the same issue a lot of people have had lately with web protection turning itself off and refusing to turn it back on. I followed instructions to run the clean but when I hit yes to reinstall, it popped up that the install had failed and that I should contact Malwarebytes and include the results. I'm a safe browser in terms of the websites I usually end up on, but I have been using Malwarebytes for years and I'm quite anxious to be sitting here using my PC with only the Windows Defender doing anything. mb-clean-results.txt
  7. Hi there. Like dozens of other MWB users, I have been getting that notification 'Real Time Protection Turned Off' and like dozens of MWB users I have reinstalled several times. Used the MWB tool to clean the program off to then reinstall. Rebooted dozens of times, and finally listed all the recommended 'exclusions' to Kaspersky (see screenshot). Nothing is working. I'm paid up PREMIUM for two years. For the first couple of months it was fine. Now I get the notification every day, several times a day. I have the latest version (reinstalled... again... yesterday). Please can you help me?
  8. Following the discussion at As requested, screenshots and mbcheck files, all fingers are crossed. Many thanks, Stephen mb-check-results.zip
  9. Windows 10 may be infected with Trojan that disables real time protection for Malwarebytes and other virus software. Windows 10 may be compromised that results in excessive restart times. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me.
  10. In 'settings' my real time protection for web and exploit are both turned off. If I click on them I get a 'starting' text but then both revert to off. I am also getting a pop up screen telling me that these are off but hitting the start button sends the pop up away but it returns again. I have done several restarts, the most recent seemed to have fixed it for a few seconds. Malwarebytes was also very slow to start. I started it after a rkill (report below). A threat scan has shown nothing. Real time protection was working prior to the update on Saturday which froze my machine for 2 days. Check Results report also attached. Rkill30 jan.txt CheckResults.txt
  11. Web Protection will refuse to turn on. I've made sure Malwarebytes 3 was up-to-date, restored to default settings, restarted it, and ran it as administrator. mb-check-results.zip
  12. I have this problem as well. Both web and exploit protection refuse to turn on. They worked pre Saturday.
  13. Help. The real time protection is turned off and will not turn on again no matter how many times I try.
  14. Since yesterday web protection won't turn on. Every few seconds I get a pop up that real time protection is off and needs to be fixed, but I can't get web protection to turn on. I see this was a problem with an old version 3.06. I'm running, which should be the latest. I tried the two suggestions anyhow about turning on enable self-protection module early start and then rebooting, which didn't fix it. I tried turning off enable self-protection module and early start and then rebooting, with no improvement. It's really annoying to have that pop up coming up instantly. Between this and Chrome shutting down every time the scan runs and finds the same PUPS and quarantining them, I'm really frustrated with this latest version. I'd love to roll it back. Anyone have a fix for either problem
  15. As I was playing POE I had a crash when on a loading screen. This was odd as it was the first crash in 100+ hours of playing. GOG crash reporter was able to generate and send a report but the PC was vet sluggish, also windows task manager showed 31+ of 32 GB of physical memory was being used by the MBAMService.exe. Back on the desktop a message from MWB pops up "You're not fully protected Turn on Real-Time protection layers to block threats". Web protection is off and cannot be turned on. Restarting the PC did not help. Tried stopping MBAMService via task manager but the assistant has it restart and then the climb in memory usage begins anew. mb-check-results.zip
  16. I was recently on the forums trying to find a fix for the "Real time Protection not staying on" after I tried a few of the suggested items here, now Malwarebytes will not even launch. I also tried to gather logs but the MBLog creation link in the thread said it could not be reached. I tried going there manually but was not able to access that either. All I could get were the logs from FRST. attached. Logs.zip
  17. Real Time Protection status continues to shut itself off despite rebooting, etc. Paying annual fees for the service, not sure why things are not being handled proper. Handle proper please.
  18. Hi. While using my computer today, my computer suddently froze. I had to power it down by holding the power button. When I rebooted, Real Time Protection on Malwarebytes wouldn't start properly (it just says "starting" and never completes). Also, in Task Manager, I'm noticing the process called MBAMService.exe is using multiple gigabytes of RAM, and keeps rising up. I've seen it up in 10GB RAM usage, but I always end the process before it gets any higher. I tried running scans on Malwarebytes, Windows Defender and AVG, all being able to successfully perform the scan, but they do not detect anything. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and tried installing it again. After entering the MB License, causing the Real Time Protection to attempt starting, the high RAM usage starts happening again. I then tried running mb-clean to re-install Malwarebytes. Doing this changed nothing. At this point I have Malwarebytes uninstalled until I have something else to try out. I really do not notice any other oddities on my computer. With it uninstalled everything seems fine, but I obviously want MB up and running again, and also I'd like to find out if there is anything else strange happening on my PC. Please come with some suggestions or instructions on what else can be done or checked to resolve this. I can provide more info if it is requested. Thanks in advance!
  19. About a week ago I suddenly started getting the message that Real Time Protection has been turned off. I've been using Webroot for several years, and added the Premium version of Malwarebytes a few months ago. They've been playing together nicely up until now. I've spent some time searching for solutions. I've added exclusions to both programs, I've rebooted countless times. The only solution I've found is to disable Webroot completely, which isn't acceptable. The programs are supposed to be compatible, and I'm sure others have found a way to make this work. I've also disabled Windows Defender, just to remove that variable. I'm following the steps outlined in: The mb-check-results.zip file is attached. mb-check-results.zip I've added the following exclusions in MWB: Here are the files I've excluded in Webroot: One more piece of the puzzle is that my wife and I share this computer, and we log in with different accounts. I'm not sure if that is part of the problem or not. I'm hoping this is a simple configuration change. Thanks!
  20. Hello I have the latest malware premium and now the popup about Real time protection for WEB protection keeps coming up. and I can not turn it on!! and my account is paid for till June!!! This just started happening after last update..
  21. I've been running Malwarebytes 3 alongside Norton for a couple of years with no problems, however my Norton is expiring so I decided to remove it and use Windows Defender alongside Malwarebytes 3. The recommended Setting for Windows Action Center in Malwarebytes turns off Windows Defender real time protection. I have changed that setting to "Never Register Malwarebytes" which allows real time protection for both. Everything seems to be running fine currently. Am I asking for trouble leaving things this way? Are other users doing the same thing without any issues?
  22. I am running windows10 and my malware bytes keeps telling me "One or more Real-Time protection layers are turned off". And that I should turn all layers on. I try and turn it on (its the Web Protection that is off, all the rest are on). It says its starting and then it turns itself off. Do I have the option of NOT utilizing web protection without getting daily reminders I should turn it on? Why doesnt it want to start? Can I see error in error logs (Windows has error logs right?). I also have Windows Defender enabled. Why is that Windows always seems to generate an overall feeling of insecurity and flux? (rhetorical comment). And my PC now wants to update to feature update version 1709. Has that been relatively safe (reference above note to feeling of insecurity and flux you laughed at initially)? Craig
  23. I see I am not the only person that this has been a problem for. It's irritating and frustrating and if this does not help with the problem I am certain that Malwarebytes will NOT be NOT-protecting my computer from this point forward. This is the 3rd time the problem has reared it's ugly head. There needs to be a fix for this. A PERMANENT fix. I've included the necessary data in the mb-check-results.zip file. So please tell me what I need to do to fix this... permanently. mb-check-results.zip
  24. Hi... I noticed Real Time Protection does not start on pc startup (Malwarebytes Premium). I have to manually start it. While it starts my connection drops and the status changes from "off" to "starting". No confirmation that it is "On". Please help! Is this behavior the new normal? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, Brand new laptop here, Windows 10 Pro, got a BSOD with no specific Stop Code error message - computer reset and ever since I cannot activate real-time protection. Every time I click the 'enable' button, it says starting, but then goes straight back off. I've tried using the newest Beta build to no avail. Please find my logs attached. mb-check-results.zip
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