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  1. Safe mode and it still keeps connecting with deloton and ads.exdynsrv.com, firefox fresh install directly downloaded from Mozilla, it must be one of the add ons I guess that has injected a adware I guess, that modified the browser.
  2. It is included in the folder, still have the issue, that Firefox keeps connecting to different ad/spyware dresses.
  3. Alright, there you are then, the last 3 logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dqwcqcf8s777bw8/AAC2QqGM9Czqy6CHsW7uiun3a?dl=0
  4. I have the logs, but I dont want to post them publicly as they contain sensitive data like IP adress. Do you have an alternative?
  5. Hi, there must be an add on that keeps connecting to Deloton.com, I made a Malwarebytes scan and it didn't find anything. But it keeps telling me that its blocking "Deloton.com" with Firefox. Please update it to detect adware add ons. Mozilla seems just like Android not to have its sh** together when it comes to making add ons safe. I hope Malwarebytes will update their signatures asap for this.
  6. Switching browser or completely reinstalling and refreshing firefox are both radical "solutions" that don't really find the source of the problem and solve it directly. I also experienced this issue. Does anyone have an idea, where it could come from and how to solve it with less extreme steps like the aboive?
  7. I have the same detection with the Firefox Add on "Mind the Time" false positive?
  8. Hi 1PW, nikhlis, I created a ticket, it is the following: Malwarebytes Support Ticket #2020901 I hope I'll get a reply soon.
  9. Hi, I have the same exact issue atm, what can I do to get this solved? Running on Premium Trial aswell now. Do I need to open up a ticket?
  10. Had the same issue, with clean reinstall it seems to be running again, but I have to say this MBAM 3.0 still needs alot of updating to be done to reach a real stable state IMO and I hope this will be done soon.
  11. No it's not, anytime I run anything that uses the ssd or my cpu, these MBAM processes skyrocket taking CPU, I installed MBAM on a second PC and the same exact issue over there, ran windows defender scan and mbam service cpu usage went haywire
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