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  1. Date is not good, language mixes

    Thank you!
  2. Date is not good, language mixes.... The picture shows best
  3. ..1716

    The programs work perfectly. Upgrade went smoothly.
  4. I only use Malwarebytes and MCShield for USB sticks.
  5. Check for updates

    Everything works perfect, thank you.
  6. Check for updates

    New hosts fail and now works. Thanks
  7. Check for updates

    Everything worked until two days ago. I uninstalled ESET, only Malwarebytes is installed. Starts with Windows but do not like to update. I fixed the host file although the old host file all worked up two days ago. I apologize for the English language. I was disappointed hosts.rar
  8. Check for updates

    Of course hosts.rar
  9. Check for updates

    I did a clean install. The program does not start with Windows. Do not do not update. I rebooted several times but will not start with Windows and will not be updated.
  10. Check for updates

    I'm tired.
  11. Check for updates

    I tried everything but the problem is repeated.
  12. Check for updates

    A long time I had no problems. But now I have a problem with the update. This occurs for half a day.
  13. It occupies the processor 100%

    Thank you, I gave up Malwarebytes.
  14. During the scan the entire computer is blocked.
  15. Upgrade to Version Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Win 10 Pro 1607 I did a clean install, and now everything is ok.