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  1. hi there, my apologies for a late reply. i followed each step in turn carefully. i was not able to execute MBAM, nor the clean program. the only difference that i experienced was after running RKill (log pasted in after this message). in place of the (0xc0000279) error message (when trying to execute MBAM or the clean program), the cursor momentarily changed to an hourglass... then nothing. if you have any advice at this point i would appreciate it. otherwise, as this is a new install i will wipe the system clean and try again as recovery processes are usually to save a machine that has
  2. thanks for letting them know. i didn't actually bump the post - those replies were done one after the other as i forget to mention those details in the initial. maybe that counts as trying to get their attention too... hopefully not. anyways, thanks.
  3. hi there, there have been no responses to my other post and it has been a few days. i believe that i read somewhere that bumping topics is frowned upon. who shall i privately message or what is the proper protocol? i know everyone is quite busy but i need to get this resolved or removed ASAP in order to send this laptop to the impatient client.\ thanks, randall
  4. incidentally, i have now opened the MBAM chameleon help file and have tried each of the 13 chameleon attempts. nothing worked.
  5. nope. i would rather not cut/paste multiple pieces into multiple posts just to provide report details within the post itself. you'll need to open the attachments. thanks, randall
  6. hi there, i was referred from this thread to post to this chapter of the MBAM forums: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/162162-mbam-cannot-run-cannot-be-removed-0xc0000279/ MBAM does not run and i am unable to remove it through the traditional uninstall method and by using the clean utility. please see the referred thread for details. ideally i would like MBAM to function properly but if not having MBAM installed after a clean removal is necessary then i'll look elsewhere for protection, though i would rather stay with MBAM. i have it installed on almost 50 client mac
  7. i will comply although it should be said that this computer is a brand new install. the only web surfing that has been done after clean software installations has been to this site to request help. thanks, randall
  8. hi there, thanks for replying, and the welcome gif. i have attached two of the three requested log files as mbam-check- will not run. it produces that same (0xc0000279) error. any help would be appreciated. thanks, randall Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. hi there, i am attempting to successfully install MBAM ( this is install number 46 for all of my client machines and this is the very first install on a windows 8.1 computer. all subscriptions are paid, though i initially install the free 30 day trial to then enter in the activation codes after that first month. therefore the trouble i am experiencing is with the free version. i understand that windows 8.1 has some serious issues with MBAM for some users and none whatsoever for other users. i am of the former category and i wish to get into the latter as i really don't have
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