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  1. I just installed Malwarebytes Free v4.2.1.89-1.0.1061 on my Win 10 laptop and didn't realize that there's been a recent change in the installation process per the support article Deactivate Premium Trial in Malwarebytes for Windows. Instead of entering my email address during the installation I answered "Maybe Later" when prompted if I want to enter a product activation key. This automatically installed Malwarebytes Free (i.e., I was not required to go to Settings | Account | Deactivate to deactivate the 14-day trial), but now I am unable to disable the Premium setting at Settings | Security | Windows Security Center | Always Register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center, which is turned ON by default. Why is it necessary for Malwarebytes Free to be registered in the Windows Security Center if a user declines the 14-day trial version by answering "Maybe Later" during the installation? I've turned OFF Settings | Security | Windows Startup | Launch Malwarebytes in the Background When Windows Starts Up, but I'd prefer to have the Windows Security Center setting turned OFF as well just to avoid any possible conflict with Windows Defender after Malwarebytes Free is launched. As far as I can see, the only way to do this now is to enter an activation key to temporarily re-activate the Premium settings or to uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes Free again and provide my email address this time to start the 14-day Premium trial. Note that the attached mbst-grab-results.zip was collected after starting and closing Malwarebytes Free v4.2.1 (i.e., without choosing Quit Malwarebytes from the system tray icon to stop the Malwarebytes Service). mbst-grab-results.zip ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1082 * Firefox 81.0.1 * Windows Defender 4.18.2008.9 * Malwarebytes Free v4.2.1.89-1.0.1061 Dell Inspiron 15 5584, Intel i5-8265U@1.60/1.80 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB NVMe SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 620
  2. Hello, I have a problem with installing the update for Malware Bytes on my old laptop With Windows 7 64 bit. Every time I do it, I get after some time the message "installation failed". I am attaching the logs and I'd appreciate your help. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Hello, Trying to clean up an old windows 7 laptop for my father and I am having trouble installing malwarebytes. I have tried normally and in safe mode. Attached are logs from Farbar and Mbar Thank you in advance. mb-check-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. All: I have been asked by a member of the DisplayLink support team, a tech solutions provider for (among things) USB-dock based graphics display, hot desking and other peripheral support, to share information with Malwarebytes, its users and, specifically, the Malwarebytes support team, regarding issues/conflicts that I experienced between the latest Malwarebytes for Windows software and the latest DisplayLink for Windows drivers and software; as well as to share the solution/steps that I came up with and discovered to solve my issue. I note that I am currently (i) a Malwarebytes premium subscriber (running Malwarebytes for Windows, and (ii) a DisplayLink software user (specifically, "DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows 9.3 M0 drivers") with a USB 3.0 "Plugable UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station". The specific request from DisplayLink appears in its forums (in a response to my own "How To"-type posting) here (and/or at the top of page 2): https://displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=64896&goto=newpost; and, as evidenced by the posting itself, a member of DisplayLink's tech support team (named Alban) would like to work together with Malwarebytes' team on fixing the below-described issue. The material substance of both my issue and the posting that I left in the DisplayLink forums is cut and paste hereinbelow (here’s the original link, with my post at the bottom of “page 1”: https://displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=64896) ADDITION TO THE ABOVE: (18) Reinstall Malwarebytes. As an added measure, and whether or not this is superfluous or necessary is totally up to you: leave the "enable self-protection module early start" option (in advanced security settings) unchecked, as enabling this setting specifically "...changes the order of services and drivers associated with your computer's startup" (see the MB for Windows User Guide here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3564), and you want (or, at least I want) the DisplayLink "dlcdcncm" ethernet adapter driver for the USB dock loaded early on in the PC's startup process so that the internet (using ethernet, not WiFi) works right away at the Windows login screen (and during your boot process).
  5. This may seem pedantic, but I haven't used MalwareBytes before and want to use the trial. When I go to this page, I'm told in step 1 that I should expect a file with a filename with the word "consumer" in it. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ However, the file I get is has some kind of ID number instead of that word, and a much longer string of numbers after the build number than I'd expect. Perhaps the instruction simply needs updating (and a video I saw on this site which said the same thing), but I want to make sure all is okay before proceeding?
  6. I'm trying to install the newest version of malwarebytes on my dad's laptop but it won't let me install due to permission issues. I've verified that he is the owner of the file, but no matter what the machine doesn't allow the installer to be run.
  7. When I attempt to install MBAM a windows pops with the following question "Where are you installing Malwarebytes?" The two choices are "Personal computer" or "Work Computer". Is there a difference in how MBAM installs and functions depending on which one is chosen between the two?
  8. Ever since the latest update, everything Malwarebytes refuses to work on my computer anymore. I am stuck in a loop where my computer asks to be restarted every-time I reinstall the program. (It asks to restart even before the installation progress bar ever moves). I tried the support tool, and it automatically goes into error. I am told that this is due to a virus or a malware, but that is as much help as I got with this problem.
  9. I am a premium home subscriber. I am using an up-to-date 64-bit version of Windows 10. A popup window alerted me that a Malwarebytes update to version 3.4 was available. I clicked to download the update and enabled changes to my computer. The installation window opened and the progress bar remained at zero. In Taskmanager, I could see two 32-bit installation processes running, but neither was using any CPU time. I killed the processes, downloaded a new installation package and tried to reinstall, with the same result. Help! mb-check-results.zip
  10. I downloaded the malwarebytes setup, and then i run it. And there's popup window. It says Malwarebytes and below it there's Agree & Install. I clicked on it, and 0.5 sec later(litterally) it asks me to reboot in order to complete the installation. After i reboot my PC, it pop up again and i clicked on the Agree & Install button again. Another 0.5 sec later, it asks me to reboot. So i rebooted it. This repeats 3 times. I tried to redownload the setup file, but it stays the same.
  11. I tried to launch a downloaded executable MalwareByte on windows 10, but getting interrupted with : How to solve this ? sincere help is appreciated..
  12. My Mac is up to date with High Sierra and Firefox Quantum. Since the installation of Quantum I've had a flurry of problems. For some of those, I was advised to download MWB in case some had resulted from malware. I know exactly how rare those are on a Mac anyway, but was told it wouldn't hurt. The recommendation specifically mentioned adwcleaner, which I can't find for Mac - only an .exe file for Windows. So I opted fro MWB for Mac. I've installed it twice now, and - there's no MWB. That's to say, I complete all the installation steps, and I get the confirmation that it's been installed. I look for MWB anywhere on the computer, and it's just not there. Spotlight can't find it; I've done manual searches; nothing. It doesn't exist. All that's left is the installer package. I did download MWB free once in the past, but that's nowhere to be found either. And I'm not getting any messages that - for example - I can only download it once. Questions: Where might MWB be lurking, and if it's truly not on the machine - what's happening with the false installation? Is adwcleaner part of the total Mac MWB package? If I do successfully install this, will it kill the floating/sticky video windows that follow me down the page on news sites? That was the original question that led to the advice (and you can see why I doubted this was the solution). Thanks for any help you can offer.
  13. Hi, I want to install the latest free Malwarebytes program but when it is about to install, I need to restart my computer. Once my pc is restarted, the installation window pops up. When I want to install, it asks me to restart my computer. Why does it keep asking me to restart my pc? This way, I'm unable to install the program. I have Windows 8.1 64bit. Thanks
  14. I have recently purchased and am trying to install the Malwarebytes Management Server and am receiving the error "Unable to contact license validation servers (https://keystone.mwbsys.com). Please check your connection. The server I'm on has access to the internet. It appears that there is a certificate mismatch on the AWS systems licensing redirects to, specifically https://ec2-54-175-208-50.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ which has a mismatched certificate address for a wildcard cert issued to *.mwbsys.com. Please advise.
  15. When I get to the point where I'm prompted to go into security and "Allow" the extension to load, clicking has no effect on two of my Macs. Both problem machines are Minis running High Sierra. I was able to allow the load on a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro. Any ideas?
  16. Hi, I have a notification on my malwarebytes dashboard stating a 'new and improved version of malwarebytes is available' then an install button. I select the install but nothing happens, can anyone help?
  17. Hi, I installed Malwarebytes (paid) to my old computer and now need to replace the system. How can I install Malwarebytes to my new computer? Thanks!
  18. During installation under high sierra malwarebytes needs to be approved by security and privacy settings. This is not about all applications because the installation of Microsoft Office does not generate this request. Can you solve it?
  19. Hello, I recently purchased premium for Malwarebytes and I have been unable to activate my license key and ID. Attached are the... MBAM Logs Zipped: MBAMServiceLogs.zip First.txt: FRST.txt Addition: Addition.tx MB-CheckResults Zipped: mb-check-results.zip And finally a screenshot of what happens: Thank you for any help, I really appreciate it!
  20. Hi, I've been trying for a while to install the new version of MB, as per the MB-generated prompt (see jpeg, attached). Each attempt failed for no apparent reason, in that the prompt never dissapeared after each attempted installation (and since I still get prompted to install, I assume that the install was unsuccessful. No other error messages. Also attached my MB version info and computer info. Thank you mb-check-results.zip
  21. I am trying to download the most recent version of Malwarebytes. Having failed after several attempts I used MB-Clean and followed the instructions to re-install Malwarebytes. Sadly after rebooting in the process I got the attached MB-Clean message and am still unable to "Connect to Service" What is the cure for this? Thank you mb-clean-results.txt
  22. Hello there, I am almost certain something dodgy is going on with my computer and it is slowly getting worse. In Task manager the system reports that the disk space is at 100% almost all the time and this is causing me to crash/lag non stop. I currently use windows defender and nothing suspicious has come around so I wanted to install malwarebytes to do another scan to see if i can stop what is ever on my computer. Adverts too have started to pop up on screen and redirecting my page.... Which is becoming unbearable. The issue originally was the software was blocked by an administrator and the only way i got around that was by using the hidden administrators account although when I attempted to install it on that account i received the following error; Error 49:120 Could not call proc I have seen you were able to help others resolve this and I am just praying you are able to help me as well, Kind regards, Jamie
  23. Whenever I try to install Malwarebytes I get the error in the attached image Same happens with ADW Cleaner I have read this thread and tried to use the solution there but did not work, you can find my report on what happened there. I was advised to create a new thread as to help keep track of whose problems have been fixed. I have also read this And have attached the files accordingly (I hope) - in addition I also attached the DxDiag info Also mb-check's log says I do not have a AntiVirus but I do - Avast - which actually had the same issue I'm having to Malwarebytes, however I could fix avast installation by running it from command prompt as admin - solution which results in:http://prntscr.com/fbnwli I suspected it was related to Signatures even before reading the above thread since Windows couldn't recognize Avast (which had that issue) as the main system antivirus because it couldn't trust Avast's signature (probably explains why the log couldnt identify it) Is my computer infected? I while ago I ran your mbar anti rootkit and also TSA's Adware Removal Tool (probably not pertinent here) and did a Avast smart scan (not the deep one because it takes ages) and also had Avast scan my boot. Some issues were found and fixed, Malwarebytes is still not installing. Well that's all, thank you in advance. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt DxDiag.txt
  24. Paid for Malwarebytes 3 Premium but can not activate license. After entering keyword and hitting activate button I get error code MBAM404101 Installation_token Not Found. What gives??
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