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  1. Agree, I do not need or approve of the "upsell".
  2. Very little snow this year, my front lawn was almost bare up until a couple weeks ago which is unheard of here. Last year at the same time there was probably 80 cm. of snow on it. So yes, there will be plenty of fires. An evergreen forest starts about 400 meters from my house. Uh oh. 😝
  3. Ha, you've been living on the West Coast too long. Temp here now, was quite a bit colder in January.
  4. It has 28 users and was last updated 6 months ago, not something that I would trust.
  5. Not sure why the average Joe would need such a long wi-fi range.
  6. I find its not which email service you use but how many companies/services etc you give your email address to. I use gmail and proton mail, with Proton I get virtually no spam,with gmail, which I have been using for 20 years, I may get 2 spam per month (probably less).
  7. Thanks for clarification Daske, I guess this is another reason why I hate all advertising. ☺️ Case closed.
  8. Yah, I missed that but there is no reason to say its a $35.99 value, its misleading. Its like I give away my old lawn mower but tell the guy I give it to its a $200 value, There is no value if its given away for free, its misdirection to attract users.
  9. I now its free but why are they pretending its $35.99 and everyone is getting a deal?
  10. Not sure why you guys are doing this, its basically false advertising, pretending that browser guard costs something when it actually is free. It seems like something a shady company would do to raise capital. If I am way off base here I hope someone will set me straight. Thanks.
  11. I'm what you call a "power" user.😝
  12. I don't care about stats either but I figure if they are going to make a product then do it right.
  13. I assume its not supposed to look like this.
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