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  1. Glad you like it. However I agree with AdvancedSetup that this kind of tool can be abused or somewhat ineffective. But its not useless, so if you like it just keep using it.
  2. If you want something that will show green check marks for safe sites you could try adding Bitdefender Trafficlight, its a browser extension that works on both Chrome and Edge, get it at the Google store. And as a bonus it also protects you from phishing and fraud attempts. I find it works very well, I use it for the protection aspect and not the Search Advisor (checkmarks).
  3. Throw up as many warnings as you like asking for a restart, but under no circumstances should any program force a restart.
  4. If Microsoft does not want people using system restore then they just need to get rid of it, what's the point of offering it and then saying no,no, don't use it kiddies. Its saved me numerous times, such as..... a bsod.... from a botched Windows update!! I also use Aeomi but only use it when system restore doesn't work. Trying Rollback RX now, quite nice, a reboot and you can roll back to a previous image, very simple and very quick.
  5. Just check your System Restore, this update turned off my system protection ( not the first time).
  6. Yup, when the marketing department takes over your in trouble, see Avast. 😉
  7. I concur, you really don't need Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro Alert ( if that is what your referring to.) Malwarebytes is less buggy than HMP in my experience as well.
  8. I would be hesitant to delete it especially since you have no idea what its for. Its probably doing no harm and deleting it could cause issues. Maybe someone else will here will know what its for.
  9. From the developer: The SbieDrv.sys driver must be signed, and since the appropriate certificates are prohibitively expensive, I head to use a leaked code signing certificate I found laying around the Internets. This means some anti malware applications wrongfully flag it as potentially dangerous or a virus.
  10. This, and worse, is going to happen, just a matter of time and there will be no way to stop it. My dim view of things.
  11. But why worry about Cortana, either live with it or use an outdated OS or use Linux. I turn off what I can for Cortana, Cortana is the least of my worries. As I said previously if I was worried about Google or Microsoft spying on me then I would just stay off the internet.
  12. Nah, a good security solution combined with safe practices should mitigate the chances of a keylogger being installed on your system.
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