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  1. 781 is regular version, 782 is the beta version.
  2. In my opinion running a scan everyday is not necessary, when you install an program such as MB or an anti virus its important to run a scan immediately as it will pick up any malware on your system, after that run a scan maybe once a week, MB or any AV is there for your protection, running a scan everyday seems like you don't trust the protection that is provided. Its there protecting you, why run so many scans if your protected? Its either going to detect something or not, if not why scan? I run a scan maybe once a month. You don't need to scan unless you think something is amiss.
  3. Why even have a custom scan, it seems to cause more issues than its worth, have one option "Scan" which includes scans for rootkits. it may cause some computers to have a longer scan time but you can't please everyone. If Malwarebytes can't figure out how to make rootkit scans shorter than that is their fault. Should be 1 button, 'Scan" the details of making this work is up to staff.
  4. I will also add my appreciation to devs, this is what makes this company stand above most others. The being robot gone = a good thing. Now give me dark mode for Windows please.
  5. May be different for everyone, my cpu only jumps to 70%.
  6. Yes, closed and re-opened gui. The gui looked normal other than the weird buttons showing. Can;t run support tool now, sorry.
  7. Well it seems to be gone now, was there immediately after update, after making my post I checked again and it was gone, just a glitch I presume.
  8. Or am I just loosing my mind because I don't remember seeing this before...I could be wrong. Todays version on a lifetime license.
  9. Strange, I've never tweaked anything other than shutting off all the telemetry options within the W10 settings.
  10. Font size. I run my browsers at Zoom125%, I have progressive lenses and larger font is much easier to read.
  11. Yes I have it, value is 1, I changed it from 0 to fix the Cortana issue.
  12. I got caught with the Cortana CPU mess last week, fixed it by editing a couple of registry values which I won't post as I know most here do not like messing with the registry, however, if anyone is interested it can be found on Windows 10 forums. Do not try unless you know what your doing.
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