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  1. digmorcrusher

    Marketing Popup

    I haven't seen this yet, however, if they plan to continue with this it there definitely needs to be an opt out.
  2. digmorcrusher

    Strange Behaviour

    I don't think it had anything to do with OSArmour. I installed OSArmour about a week ago, while downloading it the MBAM extension popped up a warning, Today while downloading Sumo the extension popped up a warning again, however, this warning was for OSArmour again. It almost seems like the MBAM extension remembered, for lack of a better word, the OSArmour warning instead of popping up the Sumo warning. Does that make sense? If you know of a program that the MBAM extension flags I could try downloading it to see if it pops up the proper warning or pops up the OSArmour warning again.
  3. digmorcrusher

    Strange Behaviour

    I was downloading Sumo lite when a warning popped up from the browser extension "Download blocked due to reputation: , I clicked on "allow this file anyway" as soon as I did this another webpage opened for OSArmour and started downloading it, tried 3 times and this happened every time. This is what it blocks " File blocked: https://www.novirusthanks.org/get-file/?post_id=272&file_type=setup. So it blocks downloading of Sumo lite and when you allow it it suddenly jumps to this page. I am running OSArmour now.
  4. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    just open up MB3, see System, Updates and click on current to update. Staff will comment if it was a false positive or not.
  5. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    Ok thanks, MB3 and WD is more than adequate protection, but, as you mentioned being aware of what you do on the web is a very important part of staying safe on the web as well. If you want to add another layer that is light weight, has little to no popups and provides a very effective layer of protection then I would recommend OSArmour its free and just sits there until it needs to react. I've used it for months and not a peep, so its just there if you need it. However, it would be nice if Exile360 or someone else for Malwarebytes could comment if OSArmour protects the same as MB3 and thus it is not needed to run both. I am thinking they don't actually do the same thing so running both would be ok. Personally I always choose to run 3 layers, each one doing a different job. Some will say thats too many, some say not enough, but whatever, my computer, my choice. Right now I am running Emsisoft , MB3 and VooDoo Shield which is overkill, trying to narrow down to 2 choices.
  6. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    Ok, this is basically password protection, what else do you use to protect your computer in general such as an anti-virus, anti-exploit etc? These are what would protect you from malware, trojans etc.
  7. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    Just curious, what are your multiple layers of security? Did any other of your layers detect this trojan? May be a moot point if this was a false positive.
  8. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    Yes, check with the experts, gaming sites are notorious for bad " intentions". The site may be clean but the players maybe not so much.
  9. This is sort of a big issue, and its not Malwarebytes fault. Infections thru browser exploits is huge, and one of the primary ways for some to get infected. If Chrome doesn't change their policy then this means millions of users are going to have to choose between MB3 and Chrome, which IMO is beyond stupid and counter-productive. They are both trying to so the same thing, protect users, but why is Chrome being the big bully on the block all of a sudden? And what about all the other AV programs that may conflict with Chrome? Me thinks Chrome may lose a lot of users and will eventually roll back this route they are taking, or, every AV program will have to bow down and try to find a way around this. In the end, only the us , the average Joe will probably end up as losers.
  10. I believe I ran both together many years ago, however I haven't used SAS in years as in my opinion its really not that useful anymore.
  11. digmorcrusher

    Trojan.malpack Please help very anxious

    I did a really quick check on that site , RealmPop and didn't find anything suspicious, however, by no means am i sayings its 100% secure.
  12. digmorcrusher

    Old versions of software

    You'll get the same answer here as you did on the Emsi forum, yes, for the most part it is dangerous. Software developers are always updating their products, to either work well with the newest operating systems or to fix security risks.
  13. digmorcrusher

    Malwarebytes incompatible with Chrome?

    This is so weird. I'm using the latest version of Chrome as well as MB 3 and can go to that website with no problem. I have also never gotten that warning from Chrome to remove MB3, although it says MB 3 and my AV are incompatible.
  14. digmorcrusher

    GUI Glitch

    When I maximize the MB 3 window this happens, tried 3 times and all 3 resulted in the same thing. Want to bet it doesn't happen tomorrow??
  15. digmorcrusher

    Looking into a VPN service

    You will get as many different opinions on this as "What is the best anti-virus?" Many vpn's offer a free trial, I would suggest trying out several different ones to see what works best for you and which one doesn't slow down your browsing speeds. I would also suggest using a paid vpn rather than a free one. I use Windscribe, works well enough for me.

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