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  1. Loved that movie as well, think it would have made a great series, unfortunately I don't watch any animated shows unless its cartoons from the 30's to 50's.
  2. The " cloud " is a marketing tool, the cloud is the internet.
  3. FYI, https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/
  4. Thank you sir, had a feeling it may be hardware related.
  5. Hi guys, just a quick question I may know the answer to but want to ask anyways. I uninstalled MB a couple weeks ago, deleted all folders and cleaned out the registry of any Malwarebytes entries I could find using a couple of tools that work well in doing such. Installed again today, and when I opened MB it was already registered with my lifetime MB license. So kicker is that after I installed I then rolled back using Rollback RX, installed again and had to register license, not registered to my license like earlier install. So question is, why do 2 different installs within 1 hour of each other have such different results? And why would MB remember my registration after I obliterated everything I could find connected to Malwarebytes? And believe me I nuked everything.Thanks.
  6. Hehe, yes I know you "armour up" your browser.
  7. Yes, I eventually found it, but it wasn't on the Privacy page, when you click on Buy Now there it just shows the combo price, you have to go to the MB page and click on pricing, here it shows the prices for both MB and MB Privacy.
  8. Because UBO already blocks ads, I am of the belief that you should only have one extension per purpose. eg. 1 ablocker, etc. Others may or may not agree. Plus I also believe that more extensions you have in your browser the more your attack surface increases.
  9. I use both with no issues, how ever I turn off Ads/Trackers blocking in MBG. This is just how I do it, you could leave on if you choose to do so.
  10. The server I use on Windscribe slows me down about 10%, other servers I've tried were worse, but I just use it occasionally so not a big deal. If Privacy ever offers a free trial I will give it a whirl to see how it plays on my computer.
  11. Absolutely most VPN"s will slow you down, results will vary per user, I use Windscribe occasionally and if you pick the right location the slowdown is almost non-existent. Never heard of an VPN speeding up your connection but I guess its possible, hey if MB Privacy speeds up my connection by 15% like you, I'm buying.
  12. I've only saw one other comment in another forum, guy said that MB Privacy slowed down his connection by 70%. Of course everyone's results will vary but that is why there should be a free trial so potential users can see how this program reacts on their computers before buying. Edit: Guess I should read the forums more, just saw there was MB Privacy beta testing opportunity that is closed now, if I would have known I would have tried the beta from the start, just as I've tried numerous MB betas in the past. And would have stopped me from whining about a free trial. 😄
  13. Hope so, especially now that the only price I can find for Canadians is a 5 device license for $129.99, well that ain't gonna happen especially when I would only need for 1 device. This is for MB 4 and MB Privacy, can't find a standalone license for Privacy.
  14. True, but a lot of people are hesitant to shell out the bucks if they are not 100% confident that said product will work well on their computer, MB Privacy is not cheap.
  15. Many VPN's have a free trail so potential users can check for issues such as slowing down of internet speeds. Is there a free trail for MB Privacy, if not how come? Thanks.
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