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  1. Why not just use Windows Defender, it combined with Malwarebytes is a solid setup for protection. Eset has good pua/pup protection as does Malwarebytes. Kaspersky provides superb protection but a very small set of users have issues using it with Malwarebytes, this can be re mediated by setting exclusions. Bitdefender also provides top notch protection. Why not try the free trials of each and see what works best for you, just make sure to uninstall completely when done, use the products un-install tool if provided. Ultimately, your computer, your choice.
  2. Strange, I've never tweaked anything other than shutting off all the telemetry options within the W10 settings.
  3. Font size. I run my browsers at Zoom125%, I have progressive lenses and larger font is much easier to read.
  4. Yes I have it, value is 1, I changed it from 0 to fix the Cortana issue.
  5. Not necessarily, I've done zero tweaks and had it.
  6. I got caught with the Cortana CPU mess last week, fixed it by editing a couple of registry values which I won't post as I know most here do not like messing with the registry, however, if anyone is interested it can be found on Windows 10 forums. Do not try unless you know what your doing.
  7. I use UBO, if I were to install the MB extension I would turn off the Ads/Trackers protection of MB, no use having 2 extension doing the same thing fighting over who is going to block what. Just saying.
  8. Yup, scans have always been pretty fast for me, Threat scan takes 1 minute 28 seconds now, if I do it again right away it takes less time to check for updates and takes 28 seconds.
  9. When version 3 was released the forum was clogged with users having issues for months, I know a lot of users were turned off by this and stopped using and/or recommending Malwarebytes. I certainly hope version 4 is not a repeat.
  10. Bad idea asking for users email addresses to spam them with promotional material.
  11. Strange, I am using 4.0.1 and Belarc runs fine for me.
  12. I also have a Dell and had issue with 4.00, caused a black screen , probably irrelevant now, I had 71 detections with 4.0.1, all Aomei Backupper, excluded them all, in a few days I will delete all my exclusions and run another scan to see if they are still picked up as FP;s.
  13. Strange, I didn't have to reboot to update..I think.. memory ain't what it used to be.
  14. Even kept my detection's from before the update which I thought was cool.
  15. Maybe because you installed over 4.0.0 and we installed over 3.8.3?????
  16. Likewise, kept all my old settings as well.
  17. Agree, the new gui is a huge improvement, just wish it would open full screen.
  18. A couple of restarts and one shutdown and no issues, seems like we got a keeper here.
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