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  1. Your going to have to learn the secret handshake now.
  2. Nope, as I said in the original post, it wasn't me who got this detection, I'm posting for someone else from another forum who got this detection and who doesn't want to post here. I will post a link to this for him and see if he wants to help out.
  3. The latest Malwarebytes update gives a (false?) alarm on mp3DirectCut (.exe and .lnk files).All VirusTotal engines claim that the executable is clean. This was posted on another forum by a person who does not have an account here. I'm posting it here to help him out.
  4. If Microsoft makes W11 incompatible to 50% ( give or take) of the computers in the world then this is not going to go well for them.
  5. Yah, I wasn't inferring it was the finished product ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. I may be wrong so correct me if I am Ron, but I thought I read somewhere that support for W10 ends sometime in 2025 and that W11 may come out in October?? I know guys on Wilders are running 11 already. If I find that article again I will post back here. ( If I wasn't imaging things that is.๐Ÿ˜).
  7. Thank you, I should have verified all my settings.
  8. Heh, heh, checked 5 minutes after posting this, seems to be gone now. I guess just a temporary popup. ( thank God).
  9. Re-installed MB after a couple of months, don't remember this pushy ad, anyway to stop it? Worse comes to worse I may uninstall as I don't approve of practices like this in a paid product. Thanks.
  10. I haven't used Sandboxie for over a year so I'm not sure, however I believe I read somewhere that there is a setting that has to be turned on for it to delete automatically. Don't take my word for it.
  11. Haven't heard of any, which version of Sandboxie will you be running? There's a couple different versions being developed now.
  12. Ken, uncheck this box if you don't want Sumo to check for betas. Go to "Options - Settings". You may already have it unchecked, sometimes Sumo will make that mistake.
  13. I use MBG alongside UBO with no issues, however I've turned off Ads/Trackers in MBG. As we know it is not recommended to run two anti-virus as we do not want them fighting over who blocks what, I do not want two adblockers conflicting with each other as well so one is turned off.
  14. Just wanted to comment here. I am running the latest beta, clicking on MB icon on desktop it takes about 7 seconds for program to open, clicking on icon in taskbar it takes 10 seconds, way too slow. I have 12 GB of ram so that is not the issue and everything else opens fine on my computer. Not going to provide logs just wanted to let interested parties know.
  15. More info https://borncity.com/win/2021/04/16/edge-90-0-818-39-liefert-update-error-0x800421f7/
  16. Find out if your Floc'd. https://amifloced.org/ https://floc.glitch.me/
  17. Just an fyi, the link in the first post worked for me a few hours ago using Chrome, I am also in Manitoba. Now its time to go ride my moose.
  18. These guys always show too many AV's scoring perfect every time, which means imo, that they are testing incorrectly or that there is virtually zero difference in protection between the leading 10 or so AV brands. I'm thinking its a bit of both, most other AV testing organizations do not show this clumping of perfect protection results for so many products. And if you go back a couple of years and compile stats from the test results from multiple organizations, it basically confirms that most AV's provide almost equal protection , the difference is minimal if you compare number of samples versus samples not detected. Also, I would not trust any youtube testers.
  19. Malwarebytes Version: Components Version: 1.0.1130 Update Package Version: 1.0.38745 Malware.AI.4090910830 Checksums: The file AdwCleaner\Version 3_0_2_3\adwcleaner.exe has the following Checksum(s) MD5 - 04B47DEEB298AE90A0C42DEAED71F8BA SHA-160 - 04C656F5CB00708B093B050DFCBB0D3F34E4A56A SHA-256 - 450DE13F98DC79C3E6359CB244FAC2A6F23F848F531F5C5A3EC3B9C2AF365714 I know this version is 8 years old ( I'm not using it) just wondering why it would detect this? I think I may know the reason but just want to confirm. Thanks.
  20. Well maybe they could harvest our data and sell it, nobody does that right?๐Ÿ˜„ Pretty sure Google ain't hurting for money, however, given the choice of ads all day or paying a small fee such as $50/year, I pay all day long. I have zero empathy for any big corporations whose only goal is to gouge and exploit their customers. ISP's, banks, telco, etc.
  21. I am not overly concerned about privacy, if I was I would just stay off the internet. What I'm worried about is the "new" Chrome breaking ad-blockers. I despise advertising of any sort and would not be using any browser if I could not block ads while using said browser.
  22. Glad you like it. However I agree with AdvancedSetup that this kind of tool can be abused or somewhat ineffective. But its not useless, so if you like it just keep using it.
  23. If you want something that will show green check marks for safe sites you could try adding Bitdefender Trafficlight, its a browser extension that works on both Chrome and Edge, get it at the Google store. And as a bonus it also protects you from phishing and fraud attempts. I find it works very well, I use it for the protection aspect and not the Search Advisor (checkmarks).
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