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  1. It would appear Malwarebytes have taken a firm finger pointing stance or are under some allusion their clients would use Malwarebytes instead of Kaspersky and therefore it is legitimate they blame someone else for their software's problem. Can the prompts to enable ransomware protection be stopped? Will they recur if a new version is installed? TIA
  2. A client with Kaspersky Antivirus Free has the same issue. It might better serve the public to alter the title. Malwarebytes may be affected by all Kaspersky 2020 products.
  3. Do the Malwarebytes software engineers understand the problem? Do the Malwarebytes software engineers know what needs to be altered or corrected? Do there exist direct communication with software engineers or anyone who has knowledge of the technical problem? Given the choice users will select their antivirus over Malwarebytes. More information than 'we hope another company will correct a problem that is clearly documented on their side they do not intend to work with (see: installer directly explains Malwarebytes is incompatible and forces you to uncheck Remove Automatically to keep it)' would be appreciated. It has been /a month,/ or 1/12th of a yearly Malwarebytes subscription. If Malwarebytes staff are implying their software not working and causing issues with email and browser applications when installed aside other solutions should be corrected "by other companies" that is, minimally, unrealistic. Please provide a better response than "we hope someone else is working on it."
  4. I would add to this thread, I have dozens of clients with Kaspersky Total Security Malwarebytes Premium. Half a dozen called on the first day of this problem and many more after. I spent half a day troubleshooting before ultimately removing Malwarebytes. Exclude all web and email clients is not a solution, they are the entire reason people have protection. Likewise removing antivirus is not a solution. I hope Malwarebytes comes up with an actual fix. Until then, they are losing my business. Thank you.
  5. Glad to have found this thread. I have had the same issue for some time now. I would like to troubleshoot. Next I experience the problem, I will disable component by component and re-test. Thank you.
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