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  1. I will try that, but if it is the ransomware module as your suspect, then that makes MWB a no-go with this customer as ransomware is their chief concern, and if I have to disable the ransomware module I may as well replace MWB with something else.
  2. After the latest Malwarebytes EPS agent update, all of my Win10 Pro workstations and laptop users are having slowness & constant micro-stuttering / freezing while working. Affecting typing in Word/Excel, surfing web with ANY browser, scrolling pages, etc... Anyone else seeing this issue? It's driving my customer's users crazy and I know it is MWB, because when I stopped the Malwarebytes Service and Endpoint Agent Service on a test machine, the problem goes away completely and everything speeds back up with no stuttering or freezing anymore. Thanks, ZEN Solutions LLC
  3. Same problem here. Just rolled out MWB EPS to a customer and crazy AzureAD Sync errors non-stop, troublshot and found tons of ADWS errors and DNS issues on their Domain Controller. Uninstalled the EndPoint agent and everything cleared up and went back to normal. This needs to be fixed ASAP! I now can't protect any DC's
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