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  1. Hi, Yes you are, of course, right. thanks. Perhaps a few too many pinned items ???
  2. Hi, I come every week to look at the forums but today when I go into the Malwarebytes for Windows forum the display order of the topics is all messed up. Attached is an image of the default display order for me in both Chrme and Firefox (with FF I reset the app 1st to be sure). As you can see the 1st post is from July 14th even though it is supposed to be sorted by most recently updated. If I sort by start date then its the same. I know that there are tons of posts started after this date so it is not presenting the right order: The only way I can get to see the latest t
  3. Hi I have just updates to the below and the problem still persists. I had to re-disable the SNMP monitoring on the port to get it working again. Thanks Paul :
  4. I had this issue and my printer Epson SX438W I have (many moons ago and using EpsonNet Config to disable the features on the printer itsself) disabled: Bonjour, SLP and WS-Discovery. I did this years ago because I did not want my printer to get "autodiscovered" by people when they joined my network. As it is broken on mine (until I did what I said above) then it must be a failure in one of the other protocols causing the issue. Maybe if you have WS-Discovery enabled (which it would be in the majority of home use cases) then perhaps Windows uses this in preference to SNMP. If it is not wo
  5. You will no longer know if the printer is online or offline if you do this but at least if you know it's online then it will print okay without having to stop/start the spooler service. If you try to print (and it is really offline) the job will error in the queue and when the printer does go online again it will spit the print job out. Not ideal but a whole lot better than the printer being marked as offline by Windows because it can't communicate the SNMP due to Malwarebytes breaking the communication.
  6. There is a simple fix to this issue for "most" folk. If you go into the printer properties and then select the "port" it is using and then select "Configure Port" you can simply remove the tick from the box "SNMP Status Enabled". This disables the SNMP heartbeat and Windows does not mark the printer as offline anymore. I have done this and the issue is resolved.
  7. The details in MBAM are a little light on detail so its difficult for me to make a good conclusion. In Virustotal it was clean according to their Malwarebytes scan and clean for all other scans apart from CRDF which marked it as Malicious.
  8. ps. I know I can add it as an exclusion but I just wanted to know if it really is dodgy or not. I use this program almost daily too so its an extra big worry for me. If the site / program is a problem then I will start the hunt for a good alternative.
  9. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right way to report this but I was a bit shocked today to go to roadkil.net website (the creator of the excellent Unstoppable Copier program) and was stopped in my tracks due to "Trojan" #1 this is really worrying if it really is a trojan infected site and/or unstoppable copier contains a trojan - this piece of software is very widely used by technicians (like myself) to recover data for customers #2 The chap behind this website does a really good job of providing "donation ware" and its a shame for him. Can anyone offer
  10. That's a real shame. You would have thought it would have been given a slightly higher priority - paying customers have been patiently waiting and its a poor show.
  11. Hi, Can you let us know which release will have the fix and when it will be released. I have been running my MBAM without ransomware protection since (it seems forever) waiting for this to be resolved. I am not checking the forums every day as I have a life outside of Malwarebytes and Kaspersky so was to diarise when I can put the Ransomware back on. Thanks Paul
  12. That's all useful stuff. Thanks exile360. My comments were borne out of frustration rather than any criticism of Malwarebytes 🙂 Here's hoping things get sorted. Cheers, Paul
  13. Hi, Kaspersky will not fix their product. they are quite clear. they say ....... "we don't support Kaspersky with Malwarebytes - you must disable the realtime protection of malwarebytes or remove Malwarebytes". They have (via their forums) indicated that they will not be "fixing" anything as nothing is broken in their eyes. So here we are again.... Faced with three choices in reality 1. Revert to the "Free" Malwarebytes as recommended by Kaspersky - keep Kaspersky (a.k.a. Ditch Malwarebytes) 2. Disable Ransomware in MBAM and wait until the next thing breaks between th
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