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  1. That's a good reminder, thanks. By the way, just installed MWB firewall, formerly Binisoft, very nice and easy and unobtrusive. Looking forward to it being improved and integrated into MWB Pro. Hope it will still remain the option of WD being the the primary AV with MWB as the extra layers + extra firewall layer on top of WF.
  2. Thanks for that Exile360, good insight.
  3. I don't understand why all these other firewalls are being proposed when Malwarebytes recently acquired Binisoft, rebranded it as theirs, offered ot free of chargem and today I installed it as the Malwarebytes firewall. Using it on default settings, that's all that 99% of users need!
  4. It's very good, but for general users it's way too complicated and easy for a user to mess things up. I've used it several times since 2006, lastly version 10, but no longer, too many issues, including poor quality control by Comodo, I forever feel like I'm in Beta testing with them, sometimes Alpha testing - no, MWB is not quite as bad as them on quality assurance, it's improved hugely in the past year here. MWB have bought I firewall company called Binisoft. I suspect they may integrate it into MWB Premium this year, but it's still available as a standalone. It works on top of Windows Firewall which is very effective, rather than replacing it, so it's a better solution than most other firewall out there, in my humble personal opinion. Good luck.
  5. I've recently noticed that AV-Test have added Malwarebytes Premium to their testing schedule of AVs for Novemeber-December 2018. This might be old news for some of you, but I've not noticed a thread yet here. https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/december-2018/malwarebytes-premium-3.6-184912/ Whilst the results could be better, especially on zero day, it's a way better result than in the SE Labs series of tests. Paired with Windows Defender and the Malwarebytes browser extension, it's a powerful approach to layered protection.
  6. I've had no problems for this update nor the last one. Earlier ones were terrible. It might be the version of Win 10 possibly. I delay "feature" updates for 365 days in order to reduce Winsdows compatibility issues, currently running Win 10 Pro 1709. I also use Windows Defender, it now works very smoothly with MWB Pro, unlike earlier v3 versions about a year ago.
  7. I have Norton on some PCs. On others I have Windows Defender + MWB Premium. I would never run Norton + MWB Premium together because there is so much overlap in functionality between these two. I'd also not run MWB Premium with any other security suite, even if MWB say it's OK, I've had too many bad experiences. WD + MWBP is a great combination.
  8. Which? is way out of date. They should be sued for putting out false information 😉
  9. In the UK we have a highly respected consumer magazine called "Which?". If they wrote a poor review about Malwarebytes, I would ignore it because IT security is not their area of speciality. Consumer devices, sure, but not IT security software. There are plenty of IT security review sites out there and specialist testing organisations. It's up to you whether you expect Consumer Reports to write an accurate review on Malwarebytes or not. I personally don't expect Marcin to make a comment about ANY review out there - it's not arrogance or ignorance, but once you start to respond to, and feed, the media machine, there's no stopping it, it's a monster that can devour you, best to ignore it and keep on improving your product.
  10. That's an extremely transparent data collection / privacy statement, well done guys. Thanks to the EU GDPR regulations it's great to see this high level of transparency which benefits everyone worldwide not just those in the EU. I'm not sure how similar or different it is to the California one, but it's all many steps in the right direction. I won't continue and risk going off-topic, just here to say good work guys.
  11. A little bit of self reflection might give an answer. I think your intentions are honourable, but you if really untrust MWB to this extent, if I were you, I would not be using it. Instead, asking more and more questions and sucking up support and mod time and resources from dealing with more urgent queries is really, IMO, quite selfish. If you have a higher level of need or suspicion, remove MWB and go and install Comodo, configure it to completely lock down your PC, so much so that it can't even fart without your permission, and you'll be much happier. Bye.
  12. ??? It's called trolling. I accept that people have concerns or questions and that's what a forum is for, to be able to aks questions, but the complete lack of trust displayed by Lock and his/her final words that "the trust is dead", well, that's the end of that, they won't be using the product any longer and won't be commenting here further. But if they do, when would they do so since " the trust is dead"? I do understand the genuine concerns that people have following the Snowden and other revelations, but if someone is so concerned, or has such cnfidential data to hide from third parties, then they shouldn't even be using Windows or Mac in the first place, possibly not even Linux! I'm not suggesting that MWB has been compromised, just that we can never know when it comes to any commercial sofware.
  13. That is a common sense approach. If some users are so paranoid about what you do, they simply should not be using the product. How anyone can install something on their PC yet then not have trust, is beyond me. DON'T TRUST A PRODUCT = DO NOT INSTALL THE PRODUCT IN THE FIRST PLACE! I trust Malwarebytes to do a good job to protect my PCs and in so doing fully realise they need data from my PCs to be able to do their job. That's why their product is installed on my PC. Being in the EU, I then have trust that the GDPR protects me further. Closing down comms for the product is pointless, it may even affect the product, if not today then tomorrow, and it's completely unreasonable to expect Malwarebytes or any other vendor to manage extreme paranoia.
  14. Surely you either trust Malwarebytes or you don't? If you do, then leave them to get on with it and allow all their connections. If you don't trust them, then perhaps don't use the software! I don't understand what people are thinking when they try and lock down a security software in some way. It's not intended as a criticism of you, just puzzlement on my behalf because I've seen quite a few people on various boards do this kind of think for different products.
  15. My guess is that this is nothing to do with Malwarebytes but is the same problem which millions of users are having with a failed Windows 10 update, now withdrawn by Microsoft.
  16. MWB can also cull those older threats because in its default / recommended configuration, it sits on top of Windows Defender which can continue to deal with the look up and isolation of older threats, if they arise. Smart.
  17. I don't think Exile360 exaggerated at all, he/she/it said that - I added the bold and underline.
  18. Just to add, although I'm not currently using MWB alone, but on top of Windows Defender, I was not clear in my comment above saying that I'd "never" use MWB alone. What I meant to say is that I would not run it alone with the current version 3.5x, I tried earlier this year. As the MWB Premium product evolves and improves, I'll certainly test it and if it works smoothly and reliably then I'll decide if WD is still needed or going with MWB alone is fine. As far as the CR review is concerned, their reports are similar to the UK Which? consumer magazine in that they take a simplistic view of it. That's fine for some users, but for many of us who understand more about security products and have used different ones over many years, these high level consumer reviews are not helpful, at least not to me.
  19. Some good points in this thread, but one correction is needed. Malwarebytes ITSELF markets the Premium product as an antivirus replacement since version 3, therefore, it WILL get compared to AVs and be categorised as such. I'd never use it alone, it sits on top of the very capable (these days) Windows Defender. I do think MWB being classed as an AV is unfortunately somewhat misleading, even false in my personal opinion and many will disagree with me, but I see it as more of a commercial decision by MWB rather than a technical one.
  20. I'm a lifetime license holder and only noticed just now that alongside the license details in my online control panel there's a "share" button for which the pop-up description says - "You can share this license with another person by sending them an invitation email." What does this really mean? I have one license so how can I share it with another person? I doubt it!
  21. Found it, thanks. A bit hidden, but at least it's still there.
  22. By the way, the reason I bring this up is that our SOPs now require that on an annual basis various independent test results are reviewed and averaged before making a choice as to whether continue with a security product for another year of license or choose another.
  23. Interesting, many thanks. I guess that another difference is between using MWB Pro/Premium versus adhoc scannng on free. I assume this heatmap shows the results of both versions? Incidentally I do doubt the effectiveness of some tests out there, using VMs and not giving the antimalware solution the chance to operate and learn / map the normal user environment as a baseline which allows it to then make more accurate behavioural assessments, but MRG seems to be one of the more comprehensive testing organisations. That said, they only test the free not Pro version from what I can see. Not sure about SE Labs testing methodology.
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