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  1. Just catching up and browsing, very informative answer, thanks Exile.
  2. Thanks Exile, I'm not an expert but I've used loads of 3rd firewalls over the years and I agree with you. Adding Binisoft / MWB to WF should deal with unsolicited connection attempts I would hope, but as you say, you can probably never be 100% sure in any scenario. Unless a person is a serious amateur or a pro, and configures their firewall very tightly with many rules, I cannot otherwise see yet a benefit to a third party firewall versus WF+Binisoft/MWB to the vast majority of users. I could be very wrong and I await any more explanations from any other user to highlight any issues.
  3. Why would it be less secure using Windows Firewall on a laptop connected to a public network when Windows identifies and sets the new network with a profile of "Public"? Why is this insecure and a third party firewall would be more secure? Genuinely interested.
  4. Hmm, perhaps that's been a bit pedantic? For me, an additional method to control WF is a "layer" 😉
  5. That's a good reminder, thanks. By the way, just installed MWB firewall, formerly Binisoft, very nice and easy and unobtrusive. Looking forward to it being improved and integrated into MWB Pro. Hope it will still remain the option of WD being the the primary AV with MWB as the extra layers + extra firewall layer on top of WF.
  6. Thanks for that Exile360, good insight.
  7. I don't understand why all these other firewalls are being proposed when Malwarebytes recently acquired Binisoft, rebranded it as theirs, offered ot free of chargem and today I installed it as the Malwarebytes firewall. Using it on default settings, that's all that 99% of users need!
  8. It's very good, but for general users it's way too complicated and easy for a user to mess things up. I've used it several times since 2006, lastly version 10, but no longer, too many issues, including poor quality control by Comodo, I forever feel like I'm in Beta testing with them, sometimes Alpha testing - no, MWB is not quite as bad as them on quality assurance, it's improved hugely in the past year here. MWB have bought I firewall company called Binisoft. I suspect they may integrate it into MWB Premium this year, but it's still available as a standalone. It works on top of Windows Firewall which is very effective, rather than replacing it, so it's a better solution than most other firewall out there, in my humble personal opinion. Good luck.
  9. I've recently noticed that AV-Test have added Malwarebytes Premium to their testing schedule of AVs for Novemeber-December 2018. This might be old news for some of you, but I've not noticed a thread yet here. https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/december-2018/malwarebytes-premium-3.6-184912/ Whilst the results could be better, especially on zero day, it's a way better result than in the SE Labs series of tests. Paired with Windows Defender and the Malwarebytes browser extension, it's a powerful approach to layered protection.
  10. I've had no problems for this update nor the last one. Earlier ones were terrible. It might be the version of Win 10 possibly. I delay "feature" updates for 365 days in order to reduce Winsdows compatibility issues, currently running Win 10 Pro 1709. I also use Windows Defender, it now works very smoothly with MWB Pro, unlike earlier v3 versions about a year ago.
  11. I have Norton on some PCs. On others I have Windows Defender + MWB Premium. I would never run Norton + MWB Premium together because there is so much overlap in functionality between these two. I'd also not run MWB Premium with any other security suite, even if MWB say it's OK, I've had too many bad experiences. WD + MWBP is a great combination.
  12. Which? is way out of date. They should be sued for putting out false information 😉
  13. In the UK we have a highly respected consumer magazine called "Which?". If they wrote a poor review about Malwarebytes, I would ignore it because IT security is not their area of speciality. Consumer devices, sure, but not IT security software. There are plenty of IT security review sites out there and specialist testing organisations. It's up to you whether you expect Consumer Reports to write an accurate review on Malwarebytes or not. I personally don't expect Marcin to make a comment about ANY review out there - it's not arrogance or ignorance, but once you start to respond to, and feed, the media machine, there's no stopping it, it's a monster that can devour you, best to ignore it and keep on improving your product.
  14. That's an extremely transparent data collection / privacy statement, well done guys. Thanks to the EU GDPR regulations it's great to see this high level of transparency which benefits everyone worldwide not just those in the EU. I'm not sure how similar or different it is to the California one, but it's all many steps in the right direction. I won't continue and risk going off-topic, just here to say good work guys.
  15. A little bit of self reflection might give an answer. I think your intentions are honourable, but you if really untrust MWB to this extent, if I were you, I would not be using it. Instead, asking more and more questions and sucking up support and mod time and resources from dealing with more urgent queries is really, IMO, quite selfish. If you have a higher level of need or suspicion, remove MWB and go and install Comodo, configure it to completely lock down your PC, so much so that it can't even fart without your permission, and you'll be much happier. Bye.
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