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  1. I was hoping to finally update from v3.8.3 but I'll keep it for a while longer. I was experiencing various issues with v4x including sluggishness and WiFi connection issues.
  2. That's very helpful, thanks. I've been running McAfee Total Protection on one Dell machine and now I know that the problem was!
  3. By the way, from a GUI design perspective, this is another example in current apps needing to take an extra step or two or more to do the same thing. Why not simply sho all three scans on the same dialogue / window rather than clicking on "advanced"? I think you got the v3x GUI just right and v4 is a step backwards...that's my 2c worth.
  4. Thanks. So Hyperscan became quickscan...but it seems to me that it takes longer, not timed it yet.
  5. Seems that the third scanning option of Hyperscan in v3x is no longer available in v4x ?
  6. Nice idea, but most of us need to crack on with our daily work and not end up beta testing below-production quality software. Don't get me wrong, I've been a MWB user since v1x probably a decade ago, but v3 and v4 releases were not tested adequately and customers took the brunt.
  7. There was a v3.8 link from a mod somewhere on this site. I installed it directly over v4.x without issues. It's getting signature updates but of course no program updates. There's also a v3.5 legacy version for Win7 and XP which might get better support than v3.8, perhaps a mod can comment on this specific matter?
  8. There's an issue with quality control and testing again. Same thing happened when v3 came out. Concerning your proposed workaround, mine is different: revert to v3.8 until at least mid-2020 by when hopefully v4 issues are ironed out.
  9. I've highlighted your text which I'm most concerned about, it means that MWB is still not a sufficient replacement for AV, or at least not for Defender. That's why I am running both, but I do also wonder that now we have just two choices for MWB status rather than three, that something subtle has been lost in the relationship between the two programs running simultaneously. In other words, my worry is that perhaps MWB does not know that it should delegate to Defender to resolve a problem, and instead may fight with it. Anyway, as far a v4 is concerned, it's not stable enough to run on my business laptop, this weekend it conflicted with my WiFi driver (same driver version for several months, so it's not an issue with an updated driver) and I spent an hour troubleshooting, initially thinking that the router had an issue. I've reverted to 3.8 and all is well again. Overall, I'm getting concerned that MWB direction is to compete with / replace WD rather than being just complementary to it. There are so many AVs out there, very well funded too, so there's no point in MWB competing with them, and there's no point in competing against Defender because it's now so good, but an extra layer to monitor and pounce is all that's needed. Loads of people are going back to Defender, so MWB would be better served by properly working alongside , or on top of Defender, rather than trying to replace it.
  10. I disagree too, hence trying to ensure I've got WD as the main detector and MWB picking all else up.
  11. ..so that suggest to me that losing the thoird options means that we've therefore lost some fine tuning in the co-existence of MWBP and WD...back to my original point!
  12. That's helpful, thanks. But why the change from 3 to 2 options, and what / why have we lost as a consequence precisely?
  13. Clearly there are multiple issues at play here. My 2c worth, as a casual observer with 30+ years of IT and related comms real-world experience: - F-secure is one of the most reputable AV solutions. However, nothing is 100% secure. - F-secure may or may not have a spam module, but regardless, nothing is 100% secure - phone and scammer related issues may be related to someone breaching the "nothing is 100% secure" reality. However, since the same issues seem to be appearing for many clients of your ISP (and you will only know about those amongst your PSC grouping, but they may exist much more widely), it suggests that there might be a breach at Frontier and / or one or more of their staff might be compromised. I stress the word might, it's only a suggestion. - Their replies, and your focus, seems to suggest that you might be both barking up the wrong tree and the issues lays elsewhere, as per my previous point. The only way you can be sure is by conducting a very detailed forensic examination of BOTH all affected customers AND the ISP itself. In the real world that ain't gonna happen, so the best suggestion for you is to try and claim some damages, but more importantly walk away from the source of the apparent problem, Frontier. If that's not physically possible because there are no other option, then try to investigate the feasibility of creating your own direct link to T1 networks like the ISP do, ie. your own local ISP. Good luck!
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