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  1. Ironically I had called in to Tmobile services and told them that they throttle us way to much, I pay for mint Mobile also which is a bulk service that I pay yearly and so we get second place priority but in all honesty T-mobile is starting to push the Net Neutrality limits. The FCC and the FTC are going to be hearing from me because they are throttling me down to so badly that I cannot even communicate and attend my doctors appointments.. As for the other link you sent: i did read that up and tried some off those suggestions the others I have already done, but some of the ap
  2. I deeply apologize for never getting back to you, my laptop had broke a while back and I had to save up money to get it fixed, I just now got back up and running. If you're still willing to work with me, please let me know. I can start doing all these procedures tonight: Also I am willing to let this Phone now because I have a replacement phone. Assurancewireless changed to Tmobile networks (Worse decision ever.. Now the network is slower than before) But at any rate, will start working on these tests this weekened. Kind thanks,
  3. I really appreciate your response but I have an update, I think this should be updated in your article about the latest firmware (During that time frame) of the results you got with those same malwares that was in this phone for the longest time, UNIMAX is hard to get ahold of and Assurancewireless won't help me: They said there is no more warranty and ask me to buy a new phone from them, but this is absurd, they are GOVERNMENT funded and not only that but our taxes PAY into these programs to help those who are in need - Like me (I am all spectrum Autistic, and have PTSD ADD mental issues and
  4. I was shocked to read this, and it made all sense to me when I noticed my phone acting a fool... I have a live government malware infected phone .. https://www.xda-developers.com/us-government-smartphones-pre-installed-malware/ It has been confirmed.. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to fix this phone? or should I just burn it and take a hammer to it at this point? I don't think I am too comfortable on someone stealing my personal information. https://www.xda-developers.com/report-android-phones-transmit-data-to-adups-a-chinese-firm/ I have some
  5. I need to confirm if this is a false positive or not: I am not entirely sure and this is odd because TSUPD.ExE Is a update checker program for C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Fun with Pets Collection\SP9\TSBin It makes no sense... So please can a Malwarebytes staff please help me? I have attached the infected File in a ZIP folder compresssedTS2UPD.zip(THIS IS FOR Malwayrebyte personel only: End User's do not download: You have been warned and I will not be held liable if you are infected for trying to mess with it if you don't know what you are doing; k thnx)
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