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usb speakers and sound


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so the computer iv been using since mine is broken is in the living room and im supposed to keep the sound muted which is fine but every time the computer is restarted the sound on the task bar is no longer muted

any idea how to fix this or whats causing it to unmute on restart

the speakers are usb

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It sounds like you are talking about the Windows Startup sounds, would this be correct and if so. Give the following instrutions a go

Disabling Window XP startup sounds:

  • Click on START, then click on Control Panel
  • Click on Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices
  • Click on Sounds and Audio Devices
  • Click on the Sounds tab
  • Look below for Program Events. Scroll down and look for Start Windows.
  • First, highlight Start Windows. Second, go below to Sounds and select (None).
  • Click Apply and then OK


I tried/tested the Muting option in both of the Speaker Icon options and rebooted/restarted and both times it was not muted.

That the reason for Disabling Window XP startup sounds guide

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no not those

the issue was the speakers where muted period the master volume and on reboot of the computer they wernt muted any more and they should have been

i figured it out tho i think

turns out theres 2 volume controls in the task bar the volume iv been muting and the realtek hd audio manager i muted the realtek manager and it now stays muted

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