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Security Guard 2012\Trojan\Backdoor Virus

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I am having a couple problems with my computer. Normally I am pretty good at finding solutions for removing virus', but this time is different since it seems that everything that I try gets blocked. For a long time the google redirect virus has been bugging my computer, but I dealt with that and can continue to deal with it if need be, but I thought I might mention it in case it has anything to do with the virus I am trying to get removed. Last night I was on the internet just doing some research, and all of a sudden my whole desktop went blank. The account I was using never had the desktop come back. I can log into it, but as soon as I do the new program 'Security Guard 2012' runs, and completely wipes out my desktop. It asks for my password to my admin account so naturally I entered it. The desktop for the admin account showed up, and in the start menu where it displays the user name for the account your on it says the name of my admin account, but upon logging out, and going to login to another account it says I was never logged onto my admin account, and when I enter the password to my admin account it starts up as if I was never logged on. Now while searching the internet I came upon this website to download Malwarebytes to maybe get rid of whatever is attacking my computer (Even as I write this I have multiple pop-up's attacking my computer) I downloaded it, and everything was working fine until It got to the scan part then it just disappeared. In the task bar it still had the little 'M' icon, and continues to have pop-up balloons, but when I click on it nothing happens. When I try to start it through the start menu it says I do not have permission to access the program. This is repeated with any anti-virus\anti-malware program that I install. Another website prompted me to rename the downloads, but still even when I rename them they still won't scan my computer. I have tried starting them all in safe mode as well, and still no result. I would very much appreciate any help anyone can provide me with because it's very frustrating to be trying to do school work when my computer is infected with a virus.

As it says in your 'i'm infected' thread I will post this:

Malwarebytes nor any other malware\anti-virus program will start scanning

So if you're in need of logs i'm not sure how to get any.

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