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real player error


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hi guys today i face a new wiered issue

as 2 days ago psi by secunia recommended to update real player

so i did and i opened real player then check for updates and it found one

so i applied but every time download discontinues so it redirected me to the download link of real in order to download manually and i downloaded it then installed successfully and i guess it auto removed the old version.

but today i opened real then a message of real player licencse agreement appeared then i accepted and then nothing realy opened real player wasn't openened and instead it was all in white like it was crashed or something

any way i closed it and reopen it and it worked so i closed it

and tried to open a video from which was saved on my pc by the real downloader (i opene the folder directory manually)

then played the video and when it opened an error which i can't remember because i paniced when i saw it

(something about .dll file and to resolve issue please reinstall real player ) :(

is this some kind of a security vulnerablity or system being hacked

as there was a report on secunia's website about dll of real player (old version) but mine is the latest


btw the error appeared 3 time and i was stupid for :

1-pressing ok on the error message although it was the only choice offered (but i could have pressed x)

2- for not reading the error code for reporting here .

any way but after the 3 times of this annoying message appears and pressing ok :S the video started and worked normally.

am i safe now ?

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now i remember why i got rid of realplayer years ago . <_<

the only reason i installed it was because there were some videos (business related) encoded/streamed in the RP format .

nothing but trouble and invasive .

personally speaking , unless one has a darn good use for RP , i wouldn't recommend using it .

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HI CWB well actually i don't know but i really like that program

it has lots of good features.(like a fast video downloader,easy file trimmer and converter)

but i hate updates i don't like to mess around with my computer with lot's of installation when every version is released :/

any way i pressed ok instead of close on the error message is that okay or that means i did something wrong???

also the vulnerability issues and symptoms which was reported by secunia was advanced to me i couldn't understand it.


are all the symptoms in this topic will affect only real player or it's gonna affect some other files on my computer?

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updates are a "necessary evil" and without them such things as security holes would not be fixed .

some updates run smoothly ... with others though they can be a pain . <_<

as i indicated above , realplayer and i have had some "issues" .

one of those issues was updates and things not working correctly after installing an update or an "improved version" of the program .

(i might add that i am not picking on RP ... there are other programs with "issues" as well)

one of the easiest solutions for "fixing" a non-functional program is to uninstall it and then re-install it .

this can be done with and without clearing out all the registry entries , certain file folders , etc .

in some cases , even finding the uninstaller for the program can be difficult as it does not show up in the windows "add/remove" programs list and it is not to be found listed in the program list (click on start) under that program .

this is exactly the problem i had when trying to uninstall a "non-functional" version of realplayer ... not just for myself but for others as well .

going to the RP site gave the method for going into the program file folders for RP and finding the uninstaller trigger .

you can also download and run a specific uninstaller program . these are made by the company itself (in this case RP) or there are "third party" type uninstallers (made by people that did not like the way the "factory" uninstaller worked or because there was no uninstaller in the first place !) .

i would suggest uninstalling RP , and reinstalling with a fresh download of the full .exe file and not the stub installer (if possible) .

in all cases , follow the prompts and either save your old folders or if given the option do a "repair" of an existing install .

once you have a working version installed and it is "up to date" , use a program like CCleaner to get rid of the junk files (if you are not using this program already) .

you might want to think about moving away from RP (i include similar programs as well) and towards programs such as VLC , DVD creator and many other free programs (that are not junk) that are "open source" .

a place to find such programs is at sourceforge.net

who knows ... it may be time for you to ease on into the next level .

there is a difference between actually driving a car and sitting in the back seat . ;)

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