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wiped harddrive


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Just a note , you may either have to set optical drive as boot device #1 in your BIOS or use the F# key that open the boot menu to be able to boot from CD/DVD to begin with .

Wow, I'm a moron and it's been far too long. It didn't even occur to me that the OS not found error was the message from the BIOS! You'd think after all the years I spent as a tech I'd remember that one, oh well.

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Yes disk is in drive when I boot up. I have a sticker says,''S.N. SR020010209, Model # M1472". es,it's a factory microsoft disk,put out with a dell laptop,Ijust purchased for my daughter.It has never been used.It says,reinstallation DVD Windows Vista,Home Basic 32BIT SP1.

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This is going to be complicated so bear with me,

the dell disk is possibly not even bootable, you can test your laptop with any bootable cd or dvd

Since you bought the laptop used, if it had a factory installed OS it would also have a sticker from microsoft(COA) with the OS version and numbers

Otherwise you would need to contact the seller to see if they forgot to give you the software, they are obligated to

If they were illegal then you are stuck, but I would just buy a generic oem copy(legal) w numbers

There are free linux distros

anyways here a link you may need, I already lost it once


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F12 is boot menu on Dell systems . Put the install disk into your optical drive and reboot . As soon as the reboot starts tap F12 once a second . When the boot menu comes up choose optical drive or CD/DVD , it will be one or the other . The screen will clear and you will see boot from disk .... at the top of the screen , you need to hit any key before that goes away , you will have about 3 seconds to do so .

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