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re: cleanin up symptoms


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from where i left off


I just want to ask before attempting those suggestions. Considering my computer is now stable and actually functioning, (with the exception of those aforementioned bugs), would connecting to the internet wake up pieces of 'dormant' malware?

If i remember correctly, last week i ended up having to face the Downloader virus and 33 of his pals, and i only MANAGED to scrape by with MBAM's uber malware killing skills. Now that MBAM's out of the picture, would connecting to the internet be the equivalent of oopening my front door and lettin malware run rampant?

just a quick thought

thanks, ill get those logs comin in soon

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Anyway, of those 3 logs mentioned in the pre-HJT post. A quick review of my comp's status would show that

a) MBAM's dead due to a disabled service (vbalsgrid.ocx)

:P Old dogs learn new tricks, IE has learnt a new vanishing trick, there goes pandascan and ESET out the window

c) I can post a new HJT one if necessary, but consdering the one at http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.p...amp;#entry42462

was made 10 minutes ago, well yea.

Im in a pretty deep puddle.

I forgot to mention im on a separate computer, just so you can avoid confusion, and me sounding contradictory.

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