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comodo firewall not stealthed!!!

mbam daz.

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does anyone know how to get the comodo firewall fully stealthed.

Ive done a test at the gibson research website using shields up and it fails my firewall.

The ports are closed but not stealthed.

any suggestions please?


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Make sure to run the Stealth Ports Wizard under the firewall and choose "Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone.". Also are you behind a router? If so that is probably why. Shields up will scan your router giving inaccurate results. It's best you unplug it and plug your laptop directly by an ethernet cable.:(

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Hi buttons

yeah ive done all the stealth ports wizard stuff and still no luck.

Im not using a router im just using a USB dongle in my laptop.

At the moment im on a public wi-fi network/

I tried windows firewall as well and the result was the same.

I dont know what to do now.

many thanks.

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well i only did the shields up test a few days ago.and i installed cisv5 as soon as it was released.

Im at a loss here.

its not the comodo firewall at fault as windows firewall has done the same.

perhaps my config is wrong.


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Hi sho-dan.

no there are only half a dozen ports actually stealthed.

the rest are blue meaning closed.

this is the first time this has happened.

ive tried everything and the result is the same.


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Hello mbam daz.

Ah the key word is using public wi-fi network

It would be best if someone more knowledgeable in wireless security to give you the correct steps in securing your lappy using public wi-fi network. :(

ps. Funny is the word "Stealth", take off the "th" and what does it spell? :(

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