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Apologies for missing your post. It's actually nothing to do with the site itself (we block IPs, not websites).

Unfortunately, this site resides on a on a WorldStream IP range - an ISP I'd strongly recommend they move as far away from as possible.

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Ordinarily I'd agree, blocking an entire ISP is unfair - but in this case, it's because the ISP involved has a history of being crimeware friendly, and I've seen nothing that indicates that's changing any time soon.

I'd very strongly urge you move your site elsewhere. I know of no legit site that would want to be associated with criminals. In the meantime however, I'll get an exception made for your IP as it looks like it's the only site on the IP now (there were others on there previously).

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Dear Steven,

Can you please help out? Our new IP is blocked in malwarebytes. Would you be kind enough to unblock our new IP?


Rich, I am sure the link wont be by an admin, but if you provide me the link I'll remove the thread.

Thank you.

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