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  1. WingTip Those links might be containing "pirated software", but in no way they are related in distributing malware / spyware or any stuff like that. Steve please let me know if I can be of any help with your investigations. Thank you.
  2. I thought you were talking about, which was the old IP when site was hosted on VPS.
  3. Dear Steven, Thank you for swift reply. Yes the IP is still The site is working on my end though.
  4. Dear Steven, the site was on a VPS before, and now on a Dedicated Server, that's why a different IP. Now the site is blocked only because it is hosted on WorldStream?
  5. Dear Steven, Just to let you know I've deleted that section. Regards,
  6. With all due respect Steve, all piracy related stuff are not malwares, and I believe malwarebytes blocks IPs that spread malwares.
  7. Threads deleted except one, http://certcollection.org/forum/topic/17136-dvd-ms-exchange-2007-serial/ There's nothing in there, just a request.
  8. Thank you. I've removed a few threads, like OS and winamp etc. I assure you that there no malwares on the site nor we distribute any malwares. I kindly request to unblock our IP. Thank you.
  9. Dear Steven, All pirated OS and apps / warez were removed. If you have a link, please kindly provide.
  10. Dear Steven, The whole apps section has been removed. Would you kindly elaborate on "But the rest of it has not ...." Thank you.
  11. Dear Steven, the section has been removed. Thank you.
  12. No probs Rich. I do plan on removing the whole sub forum, but still discussing with the staff. BTW would you please unblock our new IP? Thank you.
  13. Dear Steven, Can you please help out? Our new IP is blocked in malwarebytes. Would you be kind enough to unblock our new IP? IP: Rich, I am sure the link wont be by an admin, but if you provide me the link I'll remove the thread. Thank you.
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