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MSE Won't update

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Edit: Finally it updated! After I restarted the laptop, it began updating automatically and this time it completed. So that's good anyway. Andn WD disabled itself. Now to run a quick scan :)

Working on a friend of mine's laptop and she only has/(had) Windows Defender :) installed currently. It's a Sony Vaio (sp?) and I found a Vaio security center installed under programs but it doesn't seem to be running in realtime and is probably out of date anyway. Edit: Checked that out, it just appears to manage security for the computer some how... an offer for an ID theft prevention product & a 40% off offer for Symantec but I don't see the Norton 360 there at all.

I downloaded MSE on her computer and checked for updates - twice. It would not update :)

Edit: The security center is telling me that Norton 360 is no longer receiving updates, but I can't find the Norton 360 anywhere, not in Program files and not in uninstall programs either. Maybe the Norton is conflicting with MSE updates. I uninstalled MSE & am going to re-download it and see if that helps.

Do I need to disable WD in order to update? I checked settings in IE - they are on "automatically detect settings". Using the Internet (email, yahoo IM, etc..) works fine so its not that the internet isn't working.

I will be taking her computer on Wednesday evening and working on it on Thursday... I told her I just want to check it and update programs out since it only had WD for so long.

Cleared out 158,000 MB of temp files w/ ATF Cleaner. & 13,000 MB from Firefox temp files. That's a record for what I have cleared off of someones computer so far with ATF, lol :)

Any ideas?

Vista Home Premium SP1 32 bit UAC On

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If I remember when I had MSE on my Windows 7 system it replaced Windows Defender.

Update MSE through its portal:

Latest definition version: 1.83.1406.0


Vista SP2 has been available since May 25 2009 so it should be updated and Windows Updates should be be set up as well.

Go to Control Panel then Automatic Updates then select Automatic (recommended) or at least Notify me but don't automatically download or install them.

Go to Secunia Online Software Inspector then run it to see what other applications are vulnerable:


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Thanks Buttons ;)

MSE disabled WD already so that's all set. I will run the Norton Removal Tool when I get my hands on the laptop again. Yesterday I just wanted to get a decent AV on there and I ran Mbam on it too :) I can't find Norton in the programs though, which is odd. She wasn't able to bring the laptop to me today, so when I see her again I'll ask her about it.

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Thank you YoKenny1!

Yeah, MSE was finally able to update after a system restart and then it disabled WD so that is all set now.

Thanks for that MSE portal update link, definitely a good thing to have for the future should I ever need it! ;)

I know, she has to update her SP & several other things as well on the laptop. At least SP1 is still supported for a while yet, so that's good. She doesn't go online with it very often, usually just watches movies & listens to music on it, so that partially explains the outdated SP1. I also need to educate her better on keeping things up to date, etc...

When I get my hands on it again (she wasn't able to bring it to me today) I am going to firstly do some more in-depth scans on it (already ran MSE quick scan and Mbam quick scan) to make sure its malware-free and then I am going to uninstall old programs, update the SP to 2, and then update her programs.

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