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Slow scan when slaved...sometimes

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First off, thank you for providing this forum and any answers/suggestions I may receive.

I'm a tech and remove virus/malware from PC's daily. Generally I remove the drive from the infected machine, slave it to my "virus removal machine" which is running XP, and scan with several different antiviral apps, malwarebytes being one of them. Every so often, the malwarebytes scan will run PAINFULLY slow. I know it's not the drive due to the other AV apps running normally.

Question is, why do some drives scan so slowly with Malwarebytes? This probably occurs aprox one out of every 5 drives I have to scan. From my experience the OS on the drive doesn't matter; I've had similar results on all the major MS os's

muchos gracias!


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Well a few things.

1. MBAM is not designed to be a slaved drive scanner and actually does not remove Malware as well as traditional Anti-Virus products will. We do very well when the scanner is run on the actual system running Windows. It would be best if you need to, to run an Anti-Virus on the slaved drive and then plug it back in to the real computer and install, update, and scan with MBAM on the system running live.

2. The hard drive could actually have bad or weak sectors that cause a reread for us (not too likely but possible)

3. Without seeing actual logs its difficult to tell and even with the logs without doing some in depth analysis of disk IO, etc we would probably not be able to tell you why.

On another note using our product to repair other computers is not free. It is only free for home users and not for a business of any type to use for detecting or cleaning without proper licensing. As a computer shop repairing other computers you would need to purchase a Technician's License which has an annual renewal. In other non licensed use in business is illegal.

If you do not already have a Technician's License you can contact Sales by sending an email to: corporate@malwarebytes.org and they can assist you in pricing and any other questions you may have.

Thank you.

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