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I was just curious what internet browser most "security" people recommend? Is there a browser that's "safer" and less susceptible to malware, etc. attacks? I tend to use Firefox or Chrome most often, as I've heard that IE has the most malicious code written for it. Any thoughts?

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This is a question that is difficult to answer. Browsers are generally primary objective of hackers. Hackers are directed mainly to the most used software such as Adobe Reader, Java and browsers. The main purpose of that browser is Internet Explorer, so this is the first option, which must reject. Other good options are: Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. In each of these security holes in browsers even have them, they get better very quickly. Very often placed new bildove of Opera Browser and Google Chrome, so any chance of security holes to be fixed in time is much larger. In Mozilla Firefox is also very quick fix, but more quickly detected. The reason for this is that Mozilla Firefox is open source so there code for the browser not only seen a few eyes (the developers of Mozilla), but hundreds of thousands of others (developers and more experienced users). I think that any of these four option to choose not wrong in terms of security. However, other factors are important, such as how many resources it needs what it offers and other factors.

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